EasyKash is a Nigerian financial app offering low-interest credit loans. It provides high-limit loans with flexible terms and competitive rates. EasyKash emphasizes simplicity, privacy protection, and user convenience
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EasyKash is a new financial app launched in March in Nigeria. The app has garnered significant attention from the public due to its attractive loan packages and a simple, fast, and secure application process. With a mission to connect customers with the best loan products, EasyKash has become a smart choice for those in need of quick short-term loans. This article will provide you with a better understanding of this product and answer the question of whether EasyKash App can provide loans.

Benefits of Using the EasyKash App

EasyKash provides customers with information about reputable financial loan products, allowing them to choose a loan package that suits their needs. Here are the benefits that EasyKash offers to its customers:

  1. The entire loan application process is conducted online through the app, saving time and effort for customers when applying for a loan.
  2. The app does not require customers to provide collateral or income documentation, simplifying the loan application process.
  3. The app supports lending to customers with a history of bad credit in the past or from other similar apps.
  4. Customer support is available 24/7, ensuring that customers can reach out and receive the best loan options at any time. There are no geographical restrictions, so customers can borrow money from anywhere within Vietnam.
  5. Terms, loan limits, interest rates, and loan durations are publicly listed on the app, providing customers with peace of mind regarding the terms of the loan contracts they sign.
  6. EasyKash is committed to protecting customers’ personal information, ensuring that borrowers can use the service with complete confidence.

Information on EasyKash Loan Packages

Below is information about loan packages at EasyKash that customers should consider before applying for a loan on the app, as follows:

  • Loan Limit: ₦10.000 to ₦500.000
  • Loan Duration: 91 to 180 days
  • Interest Rate: 10% to 35% per year, equivalent to 0.01% to 0.09% per day.
  • Service Fee: Free and no charge

In general, the EasyKash app offers relatively favorable loan terms, including interest rates and loan limits, which are not excessively high compared to other apps currently available in the market. Customers can confidently borrow money here.

Eligibility for Borrowers on the EasyKash App

Customers who wish to apply for loans online on the app must meet certain borrowing criteria, as follows:

  • Age between 18 and 60 years old, and a citizen of Nigeria.
  • Provide documents such as national ID cards or passports.
  • Have regular income from various sources.
  • Use a personal bank account and phone number.
  • Use a personal email address to receive notifications or updates from EasyKash about app activities or updates.
  • Download the app to your mobile phone.

Guide to Applying for a Loan with EasyKash

Applying for a loan online through the EasyKash app is very straightforward. Customers just need to follow our step-by-step instructions as follows:

Step 1: Download and Install the EasyKash App

  • Visit cashloanapp.net
  • For Android phones, select the Android file link.
  • For iOS phones, select the iOS file link.
  • Quick registration, applicable to various operating systems.

Step 2: Register and Create an Account

Open the EasyKash App and begin the account registration process. Enter the required personal information, including:

  • Full name and date of birth.
  • Personal ID number, mobile phone number, and email address.
  • Occupation and workplace address.

Step 3: Identity Verification

After registering your account, you will need to verify your identity. To do this, you will be required to provide the requested information and images of your national ID card as per the requirements.

Step 4: Fill in Loan Information

You will be asked to provide information about the loan amount, purpose of the loan, and loan duration. Please fill in this information accurately and carefully.

Step 5: Review and Select a Loan Package

After filling in the loan information, the app will display a list of loan packages that match your requirements. Review these loan packages, including interest rates, loan limits, and loan terms, to select the most suitable one for your needs.

Step 6: Submit Loan Request

Once you have chosen a loan package, submit your loan request. The app will process your request and notify you of the results within a short time.

Contact Information for EasyKash

Here is the contact information for EasyKash:

  • Service Hours: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Monday to Friday)
  • Address: Lot 3 Assibifi Road Ikeja, 100001, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Email Support: [email protected]

If you need assistance or have any questions about the EasyKash app or services, please contact us via the provided email address or during the designated service hours. Our customer care team will be ready to assist you.


EasyKash is a low-interest credit lending app in Nigeria. The app offers the opportunity to borrow high-limit loans with flexible repayment terms and competitive interest rates. EasyKash’s strengths lie in its simplicity of registration and commitment to protecting user privacy. The service is also designed to provide users with convenience and transparency in their online lending experience.

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