Salmon is a mobile lending application in the Philippines, offering fast and flexible credit limits. With a 0% processing fee and low-interest rates, Salmon brings convenience to borrowers.
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Salmon App is indeed a loan app, providing assistance to those facing financial difficulties in the Philippines. It operates as a highly organized institution, offering loans with quick processing and attractive interest rates. The loan app manages all applications through programming, expediting the resolution process to support borrowers within a short timeframe.

Naturally, being an online loan app, individuals in need have full control over the timing and location of their application. Typically, users tend to apply for loans during business hours to ensure expedited processing. As for location, one can simply stay at home, provide all required information as requested, and undergo remote processing.

Loan Product Information Salmon Credit

  • Product Name: Salmon
  • Product Type: Mobile Credit Line Loan Application
  • Provider: Fintech Holdings Ltd.
  • Partner: Sunprime Finance Inc.
  • Initial Credit Limit: Up to 25,000 PHP
  • Interest Rate: From 0% to 9% per month
  • Processing Fee: 0%
  • Flexible and convenient payment methods
  • Philippine citizens aged 18 and above
  • Valid mobile phone number

Illustrative Example

Suppose you need to borrow 10,000 PHP from the Salmon app with an applied interest rate of 6%. You decide to repay the loan within 6 months. Below is the payment analysis:

  • Accordingly, each month you will have to pay: (10,000 PHP / 6 months) + (10,000 PHP * 6% = 600 PHP) = 1,666.67 PHP
  • The total amount you will repay after 6 months is: 1,666.67 PHP/month * 6 months = 10,000 PHP (principal) + 600 PHP/month * 6 months = 3,600 PHP (interest) = 13,600 PHP

This is just an illustrative example, and actual costs may vary depending on the loan terms and specific agreements you have with Salmon.

Special Features of Salmon Loan

The standout feature of the Salmon App lies in its interest rates and usage fees. If you’ve explored other loan apps before, you know that the monthly or yearly interest rates can be quite substantial. However, with Salmon, you won’t have to pay any interest whatsoever. Instead, users only need to cover a service fee. For those new to Mini Loans, this service fee might seem unfamiliar.

Why do new customers have a 0% service fee?

For new customers, both the interest rate and service fee are 0%. This is a program Salmon Loan offers to you. All new customers enjoy preferential policies with loans as stipulated. In the event you wish to extend the loan term, you’ll incur interest rates for the additional days. For cases of borrowing from the second time onwards, interest rates and services fees will be calculated as 0% and 9%, respectively.

Disbursement Process at Salmon App

To be disbursed at Salmon, you’ll need to follow these steps precisely:

Step 1 – Update Profile Information: You’ll need the Salmon APK/IOS from Then provide the information as requested by the application form. Don’t forget to have your identification documents ready, including ID or Passport…, and specify the desired loan amount.

Step 2 – Consultation: Provide your phone number; a representative will call you directly to provide guidance. Both parties will agree on important terms before signing the contract.

Step 3 – Disbursement: Once both parties reach an agreement, you’ll provide your bank account number. The money will then be disbursed by the app.

Step 4 – Repayment: After the specified number of days, an app representative will call to process your loan repayment. Users are responsible for repaying the loan as agreed upon by both parties from the beginning.

When Loan Applications Are Declined

We’ve also encountered cases of loan rejections in various online apps. At Salmon Loan App, situations leading to rejection may include:

  • Your identification documents provided are invalid, expired, or the photo is too blurry to be clearly discerned.
  • Your income is too low or insufficient to repay, even without the need for financial proof.
  • You currently reside and work in remote areas where repayment conditions are not met.
  • You have outstanding loans from other sources that haven’t been settled.
  • Incorrect personal information provided, such as the wrong phone number for consultation calls or incorrect bank account details for receiving funds.

Contact Information and Customer Support

  • Support Email: support@
  • Official Website:

If you have any questions, feedback, or need assistance regarding Salmon’s products or services, you can directly contact support via email or visit the official website for more detailed information.

The above are essential details for readers to keep in mind while exploring the Salmon Credit App. As one of the reputable loan apps in the market, Salmon is undoubtedly a reliable option for many individuals in need.

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