InstantLoan offers a diverse range of loan products, catering to the needs of the majority of customers in Tanzania. Data protection and simple requirements facilitate easy access to the service.
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InstantLoan is a financial app that facilitates users in Tanzania to easily obtain quick loans. The app allows customers to borrow money online by providing necessary personal information. Subsequently, the app forwards the customer’s profile to the lending financial institution for evaluation, approval, and disbursement of the loan promptly.

In general, customers in need of capital only need to apply for an InstantLoan App online without the need to meet the lender in person. If the customer’s profile meets the loan conditions, the loan will be disbursed. At that point, the customer will successfully borrow money as requested.

Detailed product information for loans at InstantLoan

  • Loan amount: From TZS 50,000 to TZS 5,000,000
  • Loan term: From 91 days to 180 days, including extension periods.
  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR): From 10% to 35% per year.

Example of interest calculation

If you borrow TZS 100,000 with a one-year term and an annual interest rate of 10%:

  • The interest you have to pay at maturity is TZS 10,000 (TZS 100,000 * 10%).
  • The total amount you need to repay at maturity is TZS 110,000 (TZS 100,000 + TZS 10,000).

Why Should You Borrow Money with InstantLoan App?

Online borrowing through the InstantLoan App is trusted and preferred by many customers. But why? Let’s go through a series of attractive benefits when borrowing with InstantLoan for an accurate assessment:

InstantLoan offers straightforward unsecured loans

Borrowing money with InstantLoan is quite straightforward as you don’t need to provide collateral. As a customer, you only need to provide necessary personal information. Then, the system will automatically process and disburse the unsecured loan. Specifically, the basic InstantLoan borrowing conditions include:

  • Age from 18 to 60 years old
  • Personal documents such as ID, valid passport, full name, phone number, and bank account
  • Stable job and income to ensure repayment capability
  • Good credit history

InstantLoan offers convenient online borrowing

Borrowing money through the InstantLoan App is very convenient and easy as you only need to go through online procedures. The app allows you to borrow money anytime, anywhere without the need to meet the lender in person. As a customer, you need to prepare personal documents and apply for the loan through your phone.

Moreover, the InstantLoan online borrowing app ensures quick loan disbursement. Therefore, you can receive the loan promptly to resolve financial difficulties in urgent situations.

InstantLoan publicly discloses transparent interest rates

The InstantLoan App publicly discloses transaction conditions, loan contracts with clear, transparent interest rates. Therefore, as a customer, you can proactively calculate your repayment ability. Especially, you don’t need to worry about additional fees when borrowing money through the app.

However, note that the interest rate for borrowing on InstantLoan is usually high, starting at 35% per year. Therefore, you should only decide to borrow money through the app when absolutely necessary. Furthermore, borrowing with InstantLoan also has certain drawbacks that you should carefully consider, including:

  • The app supports small loans with a maximum limit of TZS 5,000,000
  • Short repayment period with a maximum of 6 months.
  • Unclear information about data security on the app, so you may face risks.
  • Loose loan profiles make it difficult to file complaints in case of loan risks.

How to Register for an InstantLoan

Registering for a loan on InstantLoan is quite simple nowadays. As a customer, you just need to register for a loan as follows:

  1. Download the InstantLoan APK/IOS app from to your phone.
  2. Access the app and create an account.
  3. Confirm the OTP code and provide the required personal information as requested by the application system.
  4. Choose the desired loan amount.
  5. Wait for approval from credit institutions. If your profile is valid, the loan will be disbursed. At this point, the borrowed amount will be credited to your bank account. If there are any errors or if you do not meet the requirements, you will also receive a clear notification from the system.

Typically, after completing the loan application on InstantLoan, you will have to wait for a few hours. The approval and disbursement time for the loan will depend on the lender and the profile you submit.

Protecting customer data

  • Personal data is encrypted before being transmitted to InstantLoan’s servers.
  • Data is only collected with the customer’s consent and is never shared with any third party.
  • Customers are encouraged to read InstantLoan’s privacy policy before using the service

Contact Information and Customer Support

  • Email: info @
  • Service hours: From 9:00 to 17:00.
  • Address: RP8W+G8C, Eight Rd, Dodoma, Tanzania.

If you have any further questions, please contact us via email or refer to the privacy policy on the InstantLoan website.


The above are some interesting details about InstantLoan. Hopefully, you now have a clear understanding of InstantLoan to confidently decide whether to borrow money on the app or not. However, please note that if you decide to borrow funds, follow the procedures correctly. Moreover, choose a loan amount that suits your repayment capabilities to avoid defaulting on payments.

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