Funpera is a personal loan application on Android. It's easy, fast, and user-friendly. It offers loans up to 25,000 PHP, with a term of 180 days and flexible interest rates.
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DF Credit Corporation operates under the brand Funpera, committed to delivering a simple, fast, and user-friendly borrowing experience for everyone. They provide personal loan services through the Funpera App mobile application on the Android platform in the Philippines. This is one of the best online lending apps with quite attractive interest rates.

Additionally, the registration process is done online and does not require collateral. Moreover, the disbursement process takes place within minutes, and you will soon receive the funds in your account.

Information About Funpera’s loan Service

  • Loan amount: Up to 25,000 PHP.
  • Loan term: Up to 180 days.
  • Interest rate: From 0% to 25% per annum (APR), including all types of interest and processing fees.
  • Payment methods: Include a variety of popular payment points such as 7 Eleven, payment centers, SM Dept Store, Robinsons, LBC, Cebuana Lhuillier, and many other payment channel.

Key Features of the Funpera App

Funpera boasts several outstanding features that offer users the most optimized loan experience. Particularly noteworthy are the following advantages:

  • Instant disbursement upon successful approval of applications. In other words, once the system receives and evaluates applications, valid loans are processed immediately. Funds are transferred directly to the linked bank account, and users can utilize them right away.
  • No collateral documentation required for the app. Instead, customers need to provide personal information, including ID and personal bank account details. The system will automatically verify and validate this information.
  • Flexible payment options with a maximum loan duration of 180 days. Naturally, users can adjust the repayment period to suit their individual needs.
  • Abundant loan amounts, with a maximum limit of PHP 25,000. Compared to other online lending apps, Funpera is highly regarded in this aspect.
  • Easy eligibility requirements and documentation, with detailed borrowing instructions readily available within the mobile app. Users can directly learn and follow the provided steps to quickly complete applications as required.

Direct Loan Support Recipients

Before requesting loans at Funpera, you need to ensure that you meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Customers must be valid citizens of the Philippines and of legal age to assume legal responsibility.
  • Ensure a stable source of income and the ability to repay loans in the future.
  • Provide valid ID information along with full-length photographs.
  • Attach a primary bank account.

Furthermore, take the time to monitor and evaluate the loans available. Specifically, you need to calculate the interest rates and repayment periods. From there, you can quickly determine suitable loans and complete the necessary documents as required by Funpera.

Support for Customers with Bad Credit

For customers with bad credit, the online loan process will still be fully supported. However, to mitigate risks, limits on loans will be preset. For more information, the quickest way is to contact Funpera’s customer service department.

Contact Information for Funpera

Information related to Funpera is also shared transparently. If you wish, you can directly contact them through the following options:

  • DF Credit Lending Corporation
  • SEC Registration Number: CS202002430
  • Certificate of Authority Number: 3244 Email: [email protected] & [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Address: 602 Primeland Market St. Madrigal Business Park, Muntinlupa City, Philippines.

If you have any questions or need support from Funpera, you can contact them via email or visit their office during regular business hours.


Above are the basic pieces of information related to the Funpera online loan application. It can be seen that this application is the perfect choice for emergency loans with a relatively large borrowing limit. As a customer, you can request loans up to PHP 25,000 with interest rates below 25%. Furthermore, the entire loan process will be conducted online, and you can start by downloading the Funpera App today.

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