SmartCash is a reliable online cash lending application in Ghana, ensuring the security of personal information and providing a convenient and secure borrowing experience for users.
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We are on a mission to provide users with convenient and fast financial applications for online lending. SmartCash is one of those applications and has established itself as a leading service with a reputation for trust, security, and reliability in Ghana. The app prioritizes low-interest rates, automated profile approvals, and disbursement within 30 minutes. SmartCash is not just a reliable partner but also an essential source for urgent financial needs. Simple procedures, no need for collateral, and a user-friendly interface are the strengths that contribute to the undeniable appeal of SmartCash App.

Contact information for SmartCash

  • Customer Service Email: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Address: P O BOX 7 Twifo Hemang, Central Region, Ghana.

The SmartCash App’s customer support operates 24/7, ensuring that you can reach out at any time. Here, the staff will assist and advise you promptly.

Outstanding advantages of the SmartCash App

  • The lowest interest rates on the market, helping users save borrowing costs.
  • Automated profile approval process, saving time and enhancing the user experience.
  • Rapid disbursement within just 30 minutes, quickly meeting urgent financial needs.
  • No requirement for collateral, providing convenience and reliability for borrowers.
  • Simple procedures only require a national ID card and do not involve complex documentation.
  • Professional customer support team always available to assist and address any user inquiries.

These advantages not only establish the credibility of SmartCash but also provide the best experience for users during the online lending process.

Details about the lending product on the app

Below is detailed information about the lending product and an example of a loan on SmartCash, as follows:

  • Loan amounts ranging from GHS1,000 to GHS50,000
  • Loan terms from 91 days to 360 days
  • Interest rates for loans range from 10% to 25% per year.
  • Maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 25%
  • SmartCash does not have service fees or late fees.
  • Borrowers repay in installments.
  • Borrowers must be over 20 years old and citizens of Ghana.
  • Must have a regular source of income.

Example of a loan on SmartCash

If you apply for a GHS 10,000 loan, with a term of 120 days and an annual interest rate of 25%.

  • Daily interest rate = 25% / 365 = 0.068%
  • Interest amount over 120 days = GHS 10,000 x 25% / 365 x 120 = GHS 820.
  • Total amount to be repaid = GHS 10,000 + GHS 820 = GHS 10,820.

With a flexible loan package and competitive interest rates, SmartCash is committed to providing convenience and reliability for users during the online lending process.

The process of applying for a loan at SmartCash

Step 1: Download the SmartCash APK/IOS and verify OTP

  • Download the app from
  • Enter your phone number and verify via the OTP code sent through a text message.

Step 2: Provide personal information

  • Fill in specific information about your full name, address, occupation, and income level.
  • Provide detailed information about your workplace.
  • Contact information of relatives or friends.

Step 3: Verify with personal ID documents

  • Take photos of both sides of your personal ID document and a portrait photo.
  • The system requires verification via video with the instructions provided in the application.

Step 4: Verification and await the result

  • Await the evaluation of personal information from the system.
  • Notification of the result will be sent within a period ranging from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

Please review the information provided, confirm the loan request, and wait for SmartCash’s profile approval process. Users will receive notifications through the app or via the provided phone number upon loan approval.

Payment support methods at SmartCash

SmartCash offers users various payment methods for their loans, specifically as follows:

  • Transfer via Internet Banking of banks.
  • Top-up at convenience stores.
  • Using e-wallets.
  • Payment via bank transfer.

Note: Please keep all successful payment receipts, as they aid in cross-checking information when necessary.

Is SmartCash secure?

SmartCash is a reliable cash and online loan application in Ghana. With the assurance of 256-bit SSL encryption, all transactions are secured, and customers’ personal information is strictly protected. The application also commits to safeguarding users’ privacy and does not share information with any third party. The SmartCash customer support team is always available to assist and address any user inquiries. SmartCash values building trust and is committed to providing secure, reliable, and reputable services for all its users.


SmartCash is a reputable online loan application in Ghana, notable for its competitive interest rates, simple procedures, and quick disbursement. Furthermore, the application provides reliable financial services and a dedicated support team. SmartCash meets the financial needs of users in a flexible and convenient manner. Wishing everyone success and good fortune in their lending endeavors through the application.

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