AirCash provides fast and secure online lending solutions in Ghana. Low interest rates, flexible terms, and simple application process empower users to access funds conveniently.
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Have you ever felt the need for a safe and convenient solution when you require to borrow money for your daily expenses? Allow us to introduce you to the AirCash app – your reliable companion on your financial journey in Ghana. Using the app, you can conveniently borrow money online, making it easier for you to achieve your goals and dreams. From flexible borrowing limits, low interest rates, quick approvals, to secure personal information, AirCash has created an entirely new borrowing experience. Let’s explore and experience a convenient, secure way to enjoy financial freedom with the AirCash App today.

Benefits of using AirCash for borrowing money

Using AirCash not only provides you with a straightforward loan application process but also offers other incredible benefits, as follows:

  • The app offers low interest rates, helping you borrow money in the most reasonable manner.
  • You have the freedom to choose the loan amount that suits your needs.
  • Application approval process within 1 minute, ensuring you access the funds you need quickly.
  • AirCash allows you to select a suitable loan term, enabling you to manage repayments effectively.
  • You won’t incur any fees for processing, consultation, or loan application.
  • The app secures your personal information, ensuring safety and peace of mind when using the service.
  • You can borrow money without collateral, maximizing convenience and utility.
  • The loan proposal process is straightforward, requiring only a few simple steps through the app.
  • The customer support team is ready to assist you through various communication channels.
  • The benefits you receive when borrowing from AirCash are a smart choice to swiftly and effectively address your financial needs.

Please note that this translation is provided to the best of my ability, but some nuances and cultural context may be lost in the translation.

Details of Online Loan Product

Below are the details of AirCash’s loan product, providing you with a clear understanding of how the service works, including:

  • Loan Amount: From GHS 100 to GHS 1000.
  • Repayment Period: From 91 days to 365 days.
  • Daily Interest: 0.05%, APR ranging from 4.55% to 18.25%.
  • No collateral required.
  • No hidden fees, no reinvestment fees, no transaction fees.
  • Timely repayments can increase borrowing capacity and may lead to interest rate reductions.
  • Support for repayment reminders to avoid unnecessary losses.

Conditions and Process for Borrowing Money at AirCash

Meeting Borrowing Conditions

  • You need to be a Ghanaian citizen aged between 20 and 60.
  • Have an active bank account and a valid, active phone number.
  • Possess stable employment or a consistent source of income.
  • Provide personal documents such as national ID card, passport, etc., for identity verification.

Online Loan Application Process

Step 1: Download and Register the AirCash App

  • Download AirCash APK
  • Download AirCash iOS
  • Quick loan registration

Step 2: Provide personal information, including:

  • Personal details: Name, date of birth, address, email, social security number…
  • Bank information: Account number, branch…
  • Upload document images: Both sides of national ID card, portrait Information about your income

Step 3: Complete information about the loan amount needed. Choose an amount that suits your needs.

Step 4: AirCash will review the data within approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour. If your loan application is approved, the borrowed amount will be sent to your bank account.

AirCash Loan Application Rejection

In the event that your loan application on the AirCash app is rejected, the following reasons may occur:

  • Insufficient personal information provided to the app.
  • Your income does not meet the borrowing requirements on the app.
  • Your loan application profile is not favorable due to poor credit history.
  • Technical issues with the app.
  • You are located in a border or island area.

These are the potential reasons for the rejection of your loan application. If you encounter any of these circumstances, consider making improvements or changes to align with the requirements.

Contact Information

To get in touch and learn more about AirCash, you can use the following information:

If you have any questions or need additional information about AIRCASH’s loan services, you can contact via the provided email or phone/WhatsApp number.


AirCash not only offers the opportunity for easy and fast borrowing but also comes with the benefits of low interest rates, flexibility in loan amounts and terms, along with a simple and secure process for personal information. With the support of this app, you can confidently pursue your projects and dreams without financial worries. Don’t hesitate to reach out through the provided contact information to learn more about AirCash and begin experiencing the convenience of online borrowing.

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