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Flexi Cash is an online lending platform designed for convenience. It provides loans to eligible Nigerian citizens with steady income and a straightforward application process.
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Explore the Financial Future with Flexi Cash – A groundbreaking online credit lending application in Nigeria. Flexi Cash provides a simple and flexible experience, making it easier than ever for you to access financial resources. With a focus on security and dedicated customer service, the FlexiCash App is a reliable partner on your financial journey.

Contact Information:

Reach out to Flexi Cash for more information or assistance:

  • Customer Care Phone Number: 018886888
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Office Address: 1, COURT ROAD, OPPOSITE ECWA CHURCH, KARU, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, 900108, Nigeria.
  • Working Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Customer care services are ready to listen and address all your inquiries with a 24/7 service mindset.

Benefits and Registration for Loans at FlexiCash

0% Interest Rate for New Customers

Flexi Cash offers a 0% interest rate for new customers, helping them save on loan costs and conveniently repay the borrowed amount. Furthermore, once a customer has fully repaid their previous loan, they will enjoy a higher credit limit and interest rate benefits on their next loan application.

No Collateral Needed, Unsecured Loans

Flexi Cash App does not require any collateral and provides unsecured loan services. This saves customers time and effort, eliminating the need to visit offices or prepare complex documentation. The app only requires customers to provide some personal identification documents for verification.

Simple and Easy Application Process

Customers only need a smartphone with an internet connection to download the Flexi Cash app. Then, they can choose the loan amount and complete the application form in just 3 minutes. The waiting time for information approval via SMS is also very short.

Multiple Payment Options

FlexiCash offers a variety of flexible payment options. Customers can make online payments through the app, use e-wallets, or make payments through bank transfers. The Flexi Cash app supports customers from all banks nationwide.

Product Information for Loans at Flexi Cash

Flexi Cash offers flexible and convenient online credit loan services. Below is detailed information about the loan products at Flexi Cash:

  • Loan Amount: From ₦2000 to ₦100,000.
  • Loan Tenure: From 61 days to 180 days.
  • Interest Rate (APR): From 36% to 300% per annum.
  • Example of a Loan: If you borrow ₦1000 with a 90-day tenure, the interest will be ₦90 (a 9% rate). The total amount you need to repay will be ₦1090, with a representative APR of 36%.

Conditions and Online Loan Application Process

Loan Application Conditions

  • Users must be over 20 years old and under 60 years old.
  • You must be a Nigerian citizen.
  • Have a stable monthly or yearly job and income.
  • Provide complete images of personal documents, portrait photos, etc.
  • Have a smartphone with internet connectivity and a bank account.

Online Loan Application Process

The online loan application process through the FlexiCash App is also very easy and convenient. To apply for a loan, customers only need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Use a smartphone and download Flexi Cash APK/IOS from cashloanapp.net.

Step 2: After installation, customers select the loan amount that suits their needs.

Step 3: Fill out the online application form, requiring basic information such as name, phone number, email address, and verification information such as ID number or other valid documents.

Step 4: After completing the application, customers only need to wait for the approval process through SMS.

Step 5: Once the loan is approved, the amount will be transferred directly to the customer’s bank account or e-wallet, using secure and safe payment methods.

Note: Detailed information about specific terms and conditions, as well as requirements and regulations of Flexi Cash, can be found on the app and website. Before applying for a loan, customers should thoroughly research and verify all details accurately.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flexi Cash

Here are some common questions related to the Flexi Cash application:

Can I borrow money from Flexi Cash multiple times?

Yes, after completing your current loan and meeting the requirements, you can apply for another loan from Flexi Cash. Approval limits increase for repeat customers.

How can I increase my loan limit or reduce the interest rate?

By maintaining good repayment behavior, you can enjoy higher loan limits, lower interest rates, and even longer repayment terms.

How are interest rates and fees calculated?

Interest rates are calculated based on the Annual Percentage Rate (APR), ranging from 36% to 300% per year. For example, if you borrow ₦1000 with a 9% interest rate, the total amount you need to repay is ₦1090 after 90 days.

How can I repay my loan?

FlexiCash provides various flexible repayment methods, including transferring funds to your bank account or using cooperating mobile wallet accounts.

Flexi Cash offers many benefits to borrowers, providing reliable and secure services. With a simple loan process, 0% interest rates for new customers, and no hidden fees, Flexi Cash is an attractive option for addressing urgent financial needs or small loans in everyday life.

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