FlashPesa is a Kenyan online loan service offering quick and convenient access to funds. It provides integrated services with a simple registration process, fast approvals, but users should understand interest rates and terms.
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Are you looking for a fast, flexible, and reliable financial solution in Kenya? Look no further than FlashPesa – your secure companion on your financial journey. The app is on a mission to provide opportunities and convenience, allowing you to access loans of up to 20 million VND in just a few minutes. FlashPesa understands that life is not always smooth, which is why the app offers low-interest rates, flexible terms, and an easy online application process. Start your financial journey with the FlashPesa App today and experience confidence and peace of mind.

Is it a good idea to borrow money online from FlashPesa?

The decision to borrow money from FlashPesa or any other financial service should be based on your specific financial needs and your ability to repay. Here are some points to consider:

  • Ensure that borrowing money is necessary for your specific financial goal.
  • Assess your ability to repay the loan without causing financial strain.
  • Understand the interest rates and associated fees and compare them with other options.
  • Evaluate the loan term to ensure you can manage it.
  • Make sure you understand how FlashPesa protects your personal information.

Loan Information on the App

The FlashPesa App offers personal loans to users with various options, including the following:

  • The app provides loans ranging from 2,000 Ksh to 50,000 Ksh.
  • Loan terms range from 91 days to 365 days.
  • Initiation fees vary from 150 Ksh to 600 Ksh.
  • The interest rate is 0%, but the maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR), including both interest and principal fees, is 36%.
  • Online Registration Process on Mobile Phones

Benefits and Limitations of the FlashPesa App


  • Quick access to the desired loan amount.
  • Reasonable and flexible interest rates, loan limits, and repayment periods.
  • Simple and easy-to-meet loan requirements.
  • User information is securely protected.
  • First-time customers receive special offers for loan registration.
  • Higher loan limits for customers with good credit scores.
  • The app is reputable and highly rated by customers.


  • Loan limits may not meet the needs of all customers.
  • Higher interest rates compared to other apps and banks.
  • Mandatory app download, with no registration available on the website.

Contact and Support Information

Here is the contact and support information for the FlashPesa app, including:

  • Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/FlashPesa
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: https://www.flashpesa.co.ke/
  • WhatsApp: +254769159474
  • Address: Kaka House, Manua Close, Westlands, Nairobi City, Kenya.

If you need specific assistance or have questions related to the services or loans at FlashPesa, it’s advisable to contact their staff directly through email or phone or visit their office address for detailed and prompt support.

Loan Application Process at FlashPesa

Mandatory Requirements

To apply for a loan on the FlashPesa app, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a Kenyan citizen, aged between 20 and 60.
  • Provide information and images of identification documents such as an ID card, passport, or driver’s license.
  • Use a personal bank account from any bank.
  • Use an active, registered phone number.
  • Have a stable source of income and employment.

Steps to Apply for a Loan

Here are the basic steps to apply for a loan at FlashPesa:

Step 1: Download and install the FlashPesa APK/IOS app from cashloanapp.net. Then, create an account and provide your personal information.

Step 2: Verify your identity. Provide images of your ID card and a personal photo.

Step 3: Choose the loan amount and repayment period. First-time customers can borrow a maximum of 10,000 Ksh.

Step 4: Read and agree to the terms and conditions. Additionally, FlashPesa will require you to provide an online signature within the app.

Step 5: The app will review the information and notify you of the approval. The funds will be deposited into your bank account afterward.

Note: Make sure to read and understand all the terms, interest rates, and loan limits. If you find them suitable, you can proceed with your loan application.

Privacy Policy and Transparency of Services

FlashPesa Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is a document that outlines how users’ personal information will be collected, used, and protected. It typically includes terms related to:

  • Types of personal information collected.
  • Purposes of using the information.
  • User rights regarding their information.
  • Security measures to protect the information.
  • Information retention periods.

Transparency of Services at FlashPesa

Transparency of services ensures that users are provided with clear and comprehensive information about the services or products they are using. This includes:

  • Information about pricing and fees.
  • Terms and conditions of use.
  • User rights and responsibilities.
  • Refund and reimbursement policies.


FlashPesa App is an online loan service in Kenya that offers quick and convenient access to funding. The app provides benefits in terms of integration, a simple registration process, and fast approval capabilities. However, users should familiarize themselves with the loan application process and ensure they understand the interest rates, service fees, and terms. Wishing everyone success and good luck.

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