ANSI Cash is an online loan application in the Philippines, offering a straightforward registration process, competitive interest rates, and flexibility in payments. It assists users in overcoming financial difficulties efficiently.
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In the current context of economic recession, the demand for personal financial solutions is increasing rapidly. ANSI Cash is an online loan application designed for users in the Philippines, offering a secure and efficient financial solution. The app provides loans of up to 20,000 Pesos with a simple and transparent application process. It aims to help people quickly address cash flow difficulties. The loan conditions are flexible, requiring only a personal ID and stable income. The flexibility in choosing the loan amount and repayment period, coupled with convenient payment options through banks and e-wallets, makes the ANSI Cash App a reliable financial partner for the user community.

Regulations Regarding Loan Amount and Duration

  • Loan amounts range from ₱1000 to ₱20000.
  • Loan duration is between 91 and 180 days.
  • Service fee ranges from ₱10 to ₱400.
  • The daily loan interest rate is 0.09%.
  • The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 34.40%.

Illustrative loan example

Suppose you apply for a ₱15,000 loan with ANSI Cash for a duration of 91 days, as follows:

  • After deducting the service fee of ₱150, the amount received is ₱14,850.
  • The borrower needs to repay ₱5,000 and ₱405 every 30 days, divided into 3 installments.
  • The total final repayment amount is ₱16,215.

ANSI Cash always strives to ensure borrowers quickly receive the best loan terms. Information about the loan product is transparent and clear, as displayed through the app.

Loan Application Process on the ANSI Cash App

Eligibility and Registration Criteria

  • The service is exclusively for citizens of the Philippines.
  • Borrowers must be between 18 and 60 years old.
  • A government-issued personal ID is required.
  • Borrowers should have a stable income to ensure repayment.
  • Utilization of a bank account or e-wallet is necessary.

Steps to Quickly Apply for a Loan

Step 1: Open a web browser or download ANSI Cash APK/IOS from or the App Store on your phone.

Step 2: Click on the “Register” button and fill in essential information such as name, email address, and phone number. Create a secure password for your account.

Step 3: After logging in, you will be prompted to provide detailed personal information, including address, date of birth, and government-issued ID number.

Step 4: Capture and upload the necessary documents to verify your income and financial status. This may include documents such as salary slips, savings account statements, or other relevant certificates.

Step 5: Choose the loan amount and duration from the available options based on your personal needs. Then, carefully read the terms and conditions of ANSI Cash. Make sure you understand the fees, interest rates, and other conditions related to your loan.

Step 6: After successful verification, the app will notify you of the outcome of your application. If accepted, the loan amount will be disbursed according to the method you selected earlier.

Note: Each registration step requires you to provide specific and accurate information to ensure a smooth and fast application process.

Benefits of using ANSI Cash App

  • The registration process is simple and convenient through personal mobile phones, saving time.
  • ANSI Cash ensures the safety of personal information without requiring users to disclose their information publicly.
  • Special priority for first-time borrowers and those with good credit scores, increasing the chances of success.
  • Allows users with poor credit access to the necessary capital without imposing high interest rates on bad debtors.
  • Supports diverse, safe, and efficient payment methods and timeframes, meeting short-term financial needs effectively.
  • ANSI Cash is a crucial support source during periods of unemployment and reduced employment, helping maintain daily life

Customer Support Email

Send any questions, inquiries, or support requests to the email address above to receive assistance from the ANSI Cash customer care team.


ANSI Cash is a convenient and flexible online loan application for users in the Philippines. With a simple registration process, competitive interest rates, and diverse payment options, the ANSI Cash App efficiently helps users overcome short-term financial difficulties. The emphasis on new customers and the ability to assist those with poor credit are strong points, creating favorable conditions for a diverse range of users.

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