AmberCash: Your fast and reliable online financial solution in Zambia. Low interest rates, easy approval. Borrow, control, and repay conveniently. Your financial success, our priority.
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AmberCash – An online financial application is garnering attention in Zambia. The AmberCash app offers a quick and easy way to access online cash loans. The app features low interest rates and swift approval, allowing you to receive loan disbursements on your phone within just 30 minutes. The AmberCash App is an ideal choice for individuals in need of short-term financial assistance.

Contact AmberCash:

  • Website:
  • Hotline: +260 772137300
  • Email:
  • Address: Plot No 75/90, Northmead, luzi road, Lusaka, Zambia

Benefits of the AmberCash App

Simple and Fast

Registering and applying for a loan on AmberCash is a straightforward and rapid process. By simply downloading the app and answering a few questions, you can receive customized offers and approval within 5 minutes. No need for income proofs or collateral assets; you can get up to 20,000 ZMW in online cash instantly.

Low Interest and Flexibility

AmberCash offers low interest rates and flexible terms. You can choose the desired loan amount and repayment date that aligns with your financial capacity. The daily interest rate starts as low as 0.05% per day or 4.5% to 18.25% APR per year.

Convenience in Borrowing and Repayment

After a successful loan application, you can receive the cash directly in your bank account, e-wallet, or at nearby convenience stores. Repayment follows the process described in the app during the loan confirmation phase. Loan terms from AmberCash range from 91 to 360 days.

Reborrowing Capability

Upon repaying your loan, AmberCash provides you the opportunity to borrow again. Just by answering a few short questions, you can easily access your next round of funds. This offers convenience and flexibility in managing personal finances and meeting your borrowing needs when necessary.

Who can apply for loans?

Zambian citizens aged 18 and above.

The AmberCash App is designed for any Zambian citizen who is 18 years of age or older. Whether you are self-employed, work for a company, or have a stable income, you can apply to receive cash loans.

Simple Requirements

To apply for a loan through AmberCash, you only need to have at least 1 valid ID and a mobile phone. There’s no need for complex documentation or collateral assets. The registration and information confirmation process is also convenient and swift.

Features of AmberCash

Optimal Control

AmberCash empowers you with optimal control over your loans. You can choose a repayment date that suits your personal financial plan. If your plans change, your credit limit will be automatically adjusted to ensure flexibility and convenience.

No Hidden Fees

AmberCash is committed to having no hidden fees. The daily service fee is calculated based on the amount of credit borrowed, and this fee is very low. You will receive the exact amount you requested, without any unexpected minimum fees. You only pay for the days you actually need.

Continuous Access to Credit Pool

AmberCash provides you with the ability to continuously access your approved credit pool. After you register, you will have ongoing access to borrow up to your credit limit. This means you can access your cash loan whenever you need it, without having to reapply or wait for approval again. This helps you save time and promptly address urgent financial needs.

Security and Safety

AmberCash is committed to securing and safeguarding your personal information. Your data is encrypted and protected through advanced security measures, ensuring that your personal and financial information is kept safe and sound.

Guide to Registering for a Loan on AmberCash

Here is a simple guide to registering for a loan with AmberCash, which includes:

  1. Download and install the AmberCash APK/IOS from
  2. Register an account using personal information.
  3. Authenticate your account through a confirmation code.
  4. Fill in details about the loan amount and term.
  5. Await approval, usually taking minutes to a few hours.
  6. Receive the loan in your bank account or e-wallet.

Note: Ensure accurate information is provided and carefully review the terms before borrowing money.


AmberCash is a notable financial app in Zambia, offering convenience and flexibility for online cash borrowing. With its simple and swift process, low interest rates, and borrowing flexibility, AmberCash effectively addresses short-term financial needs. With optimal control features and no hidden fees, you can trust that AmberCash will provide you with a convenient and secure borrowing experience.

Download AmberCash App today and discover how this app can provide financial support when you need it.Wishing everyone success and good luck.

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