YesCash is an online loan application in Kenya. It features a simple interface, quick registration, and no collateral required. The app offers professional and friendly customer support. With various loan packages, flexibility, and fast disbursement, YesCash helps customers conveniently solve financial issues.
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You are in need of a quick and convenient loan without the hassle of complex procedures or requiring collateral at banks or credit institutions. YesCash will be your reliable companion and is also a widely-used application in Kenya.

With YesCash, borrowing money becomes simpler and easier than ever. With just a smartphone or internet-connected computer, you can apply for a loan anytime and anywhere, without any restrictions based on your location or workplace.

Especially, you don’t have to worry about providing collateral or owning assets for security. YesCash App focuses on your repayment ability and credit score in your transaction history, helping to minimize risks and bring peace of mind to customers.

Product information for loans at YesCash

  • Loan Amount: Ksh3,000 to Ksh80,000
  • Loan Term: 91 – 365 days.
  • Interest Rate: From 12% – 25%
  • Service Fee: 6%

Example for a loan:

Suppose you want to borrow 20,000 Ksh with an annual interest rate of 10% and a loan term of 180 days, with a service fee of 6%. The calculation is as follows:

  • Interest amount = 20,000 Ksh * 10%/365 * 180 = 986 Ksh
  • Service fee = 20,000 Ksh * 6% = 1,200 Ksh
  • Total amount to repay: 20,000 Ksh + 986 Ksh + 1,200 Ksh = 22,186 Ksh
  • Monthly installment: 22,186 Ksh / 6 = 3,698 Ksh.

Note: Payments at YesCash are made in monthly installments, and the application will provide the best conditions for you when you want to repay the loan.

Scope of Operations and Loan Conditions

Scope of Application Operations

YesCash continuously expands its support and distribution across all provinces and cities in Kenya, ensuring that everyone can access and use the service easily. It’s noteworthy that YesCash also has a special policy to support students, offering a 30% discount on all loan transactions. This helps students overcome financial difficulties during their studies and personal development.

Conditions for Online Loans

The conditions for applying for a loan at YesCash are similar to other providers in the market, and customers only need to meet the following requirements:

  • You must be 18 years old or above.
  • You are a Kenyan citizen.
  • You must have an M-pesa account.
  • You have stable employment and a monthly income.

Online Loan Application Process at YesCash

Information on the registration procedure

The loan application process at YesCash is extremely quick and convenient. You only need to provide basic information such as your ID number, address, M-pesa account, phone number, and email as required by the system. After the system verifies and approves your application, you will receive the money directly into your account within 1 hour, a very short time to address urgent financial issues.

Quick Online Registration Guide

Step 1: Download and install the YesCash App from

Step 2: Open the YesCash app and create an account by providing the required personal information, including:

  • ID number, address, phone number, and email.
  • Verify your personal information through your phone number by entering the OTP code sent to your phone via SMS.

Step 3: After successfully creating an account, select the loan amount and repayment period that suits you.

Step 4: Complete the loan information by providing the required details, including the loan amount and period.

Step 5: The YesCash app system will check and evaluate your information and profile. This process usually takes only a few minutes. Once your application is successfully approved, the money will be transferred directly to your account as soon as possible.

Note: If you have any questions or concerns during the online loan application process at YesCash, please contact the customer care hotline for the best advice and support.

Review of YesCash

The following is our opinion on the YesCash application and does not reflect the views of everyone. Based on the information provided and our usage, here are some observations about YesCash:

  • YesCash offers a simple and user-friendly interface, allowing customers to easily navigate and apply for loans online. The registration and disbursement process is fast and convenient for customers.
  • The application provides diverse loan packages with different values, allowing customers to choose a loan package that suits their financial needs.
  • The company does not require customers to provide collateral before applying for a loan.
  • The disbursement time is quick, enabling customers to receive funds promptly to address urgent financial needs.
  • The customer support team is professional and enthusiastic, ready to address any inquiries and provide assistance throughout the loan process.

Contact Information

  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: Consolata 464, Othaya, Kenya, 00100.
  • Working Hours: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM (Monday – Sunday)

If you have any inquiries or complaints, please leave a message for YesCash through the customer support service within the application.


YesCash is a reliable online loan application in Kenya. With its simple interface and quick registration process, users can easily apply for loans without the need for collateral. The professional and friendly customer support team is ready to address any inquiries. YesCash offers various loan packages, allowing users to choose the one that suits their financial needs. The flexibility and fast disbursement speed enable customers to conveniently address urgent financial issues.

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