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Swift Naira is an online loan application in Nigeria, featuring a simple interface and fast procedures. It offers diverse loan packages suitable for customers, ensuring the safety of personal information and providing dedicated customer support.
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Are you looking for a simple, convenient, and fast online loan application in Nigeria? Let Swift Naira assist you. Swift Naira is a mobile online loan app with numerous outstanding advantages. With its straightforward procedures, time-saving process, and service fee discounts of up to 30%, Swift Naira has a lot to offer.

You don’t need to worry about providing excessive personal information or collateral documents, as the app doesn’t require those. With Swift Naira, you can receive your loan quickly and securely. Experience the Swift Naira App now to easily and instantly resolve your financial difficulties.

Loan process at Swift Naira App

Choose a loan package

Please refer to the loan packages available on the Swift Naira App, as follows:

  • Loan amount: ₦2,000 to ₦600,000
  • Interest rate: Maximum APR of 22% per year
  • Loan tenure: 91 days (shortest, including extension) to 365 days (longest, including extension)
  • Processing fee: 0.1% to 0.35%

Example for a loan:

If you borrow ₦5,000 with a tenure of 100 days:

  • Total interest to be paid: ₦5,000 * 0.05% * 100 = ₦250
  • Total service fee to be paid: ₦0
  • The total amount to repay will be ₦5,000 + ₦250 + ₦15 = ₦5,250

Note: The loan product information may be subject to change in the future, so please ensure to stay informed and updated with the latest details.

Requirements for loan application

Swift Naira has specific regulations and loan policies; please make sure you meet the following requirements to be eligible for a loan:

  • Nigerian citizen
  • Residing and working within the country
  • Age between 18 and 60
  • Stable monthly income and employment
  • Valid bank account
  • Government-issued ID

How to apply for a loan at Swift Naira

Registering for a loan at Swift Naira is straightforward, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and install the Swift Naira App APK/IOS from cashloanapp.net to your phone.

Step 2: Open the Swift Naira app and create a new account by providing basic information such as name, phone number, email, etc.

Step 3: After registration, you’ll need to verify your personal information. Follow the app’s instructions to take a photo of your ID card and other relevant information to confirm your identity.

Step 4: Once your information is verified, you can choose a loan package that suits your needs. Swift Naira offers various loan packages with flexible loan amounts and tenures.

Step 5: Complete the required information within the app and submit the loan request. Ensure you provide accurate information and double-check before submitting.

Step 6: After submitting the loan request, Swift Naira’s system will review and evaluate your information. If approved, the loan amount will be disbursed to your provided bank account in the shortest possible time.

Note: The application and approval process may take some time. Make sure to keep an eye on app notifications and provide the necessary information to increase your chances of a successful loan application at Swift Naira.

Some cases where a loan application may be declined

Unsettled previous loans

If you have an outstanding loan that hasn’t been repaid on time and you apply for another loan at Swift Naira, your new loan request may be rejected until the previous loan is fully settled.

Forgery and inaccurate personal information

Providing forged documents or inaccurate personal information will lead to the rejection of your loan application. This is a violation of regulations and may result in serious legal consequences.

Unsuccessful information verification

In some cases, the app may request verification through the phone numbers of relatives, friends, or other contacts. If this information cannot be verified or if the verification information is incorrect, your loan application may be declined.

Note: The above cases are just some examples, and there could be other reasons for loan application rejections. The final decision rests with Swift Naira and is based on various factors, including credit history, income, repayment capacity, regulations, and policies.

Review of the Swift Naira App

Below are some benefits and limitations of using Swift Naira for loan applications that we have compiled, as follows:


  • The app is designed with a simple interface and quick procedures, making it easy for customers to borrow money swiftly and conveniently.
  • Customers do not need to visit banks or financial institutions to apply for loans; they can simply use their smartphones to borrow money through Swift Naira.
  • The app offers a variety of loan packages, suitable for the needs and financial capacity of each customer.
  • Swift Naira has a fast approval and disbursement process, allowing customers to receive their loans in a short period.
  • The app prioritizes security and safeguards customers’ personal information, ensuring the utmost safety for their private and financial data.


  • Swift Naira App may have higher interest rates compared to traditional loan options.
  • The loan limit in the app may be restrictive for certain customer segments.
  • The app may have occasional technical issues, preventing customers from accessing or registering for loans.

Note: The review provided above highlights both the benefits and limitations of using the Swift Naira App for loan purposes. However, experiences may vary for individual users based on their specific circumstances and interactions with the app.

Contact information for Swift Naira

  • Website: https://h5.swiftnaira.com
  • Phone: 08184250495
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 125, Olusegun Osoba Way, Oke Ilewo, Abeokuta, Bang Ogun, Nigeria

Customer service operates from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (Monday to Sunday). If you have any inquiries, need assistance, or require advice, please reach out using the provided contact details. The staff will guide, respond, and support you promptly and efficiently.


Swift Naira is an online loan application in Nigeria that provides convenience and speed to customers. With a simple interface and easy registration process, customers can borrow money quickly and safely. However, the interest rates may be higher than traditional loan options, and loan limits may affect certain customer segments. Nevertheless, Swift Naira still offers an effective financial solution and supports customers through dedicated and efficient customer service.

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