SilkLoan: Leading online lending app in Tanzania, providing hassle-free loans. Simple process, no collateral needed. Competitive rates, transparent fees. Swift approvals, funds direct to your account. Trusted financial solution, tailored for your needs.
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Are you facing financial difficulties and in need of a quick and simple loan? SilkLoan is the leading online lending application in Tanzania, offering a convenient and easy financial solution. With the SilkLoan App, you can borrow money without the need for collateral and without the hassle of paperwork. The application provides a simple, secure, and safe process, bringing convenience and flexibility to users, helping you access the best financial resources swiftly.

Features and Benefits of the Application

Easy and Quick Registration

Simply download and install the SilkLoan Lite App on your phone. Through a straightforward registration process, you can apply for a loan immediately. The system will swiftly verify your information and approve your loan application, ensuring you receive the funds in a short timeframe.

No Collateral and Paperwork

The SilkLoanLite  app does not require you to pledge any assets or hold onto personal documents. Just provide some images of your documents and a portrait of yourself. All loan procedures become simpler and more convenient than ever.

Reasonable Interest Rates and Service Fees

SilkLoan offers reasonable interest rates, helping you save on borrowing costs. The interest rates remain moderate, and service fees and related costs are transparently presented. The calculation of the repayment amount is clear, providing you with an overview of the total amount due.

Flexible Loan Limits and Terms

You have the option to choose loan limits and terms that suit your financial needs and capabilities, enabling you to manage your online finances in the best possible manner.

Automated Application Processing and Fast Disbursement

SilkLoan employs advanced technology to automatically review your loan application. This saves time and ensures objectivity in the lending decision. Once your application is approved, the funds will be disbursed immediately into your bank account, offering convenience and flexibility in fund utilization.

Personal Information Security

The SilkLoanLite App is committed to ensuring the absolute safety of your personal information. When registering to use the service, the app collects personal information from you, but this information will not be disclosed without your consent, except when required by government authorities. The company utilizes modern security technologies to safeguard your data and information securely.

Product Information for Loans at SilkLoan

  • Loan Amount: From 10,000 TZS to 1,000,000 TZS.
  • Loan Term: From 91 to 365 days.
  • Service Fee: Free of charge.
  • Interest Rate: From 8% to 28% (APR).

Example for a Loan:

If you borrow 15,000 TZS with a loan term of 120 days and an APR of 20%.

  • The total service fee will be 15,000 TZS * 20% / 4 = 750 TZS.
  • The total amount you have to repay will be 15,000 TZS + 15,000 TZS * 20% / 4 = 15,750 TZS.
  • Your monthly repayment amount will be 3,937 TZS.

Loan Application Process at SilkLoan

Loan Requirements

  • Keep your ID card.
  • Contact phone number.
  • Age between 20 and 60.
  • Tanzanian citizenship.

Application Process

  1. Download the SilkLoan APK/IOS application.
  2. Fill out the application form.
  3. Provide basic information and check your eligibility (within 2 minutes).
  4. Select the loan amount and repayment term.
  5. Complete KYC verification and income assessment.
  6. Receive the money directly transferred to your wallet within a few hours.

Contact and Support

If you have any inquiries or questions regarding the SilkLoan application, you can reach out to the customer care team through the following contact information:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 1110, Seventh Street, Dodoma, Tanzania
  • Working Hours: Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

If you need assistance or have questions, you can contact them via the provided email address or during the designated working hours. Make sure to check their working hours to send an email or contact them at an appropriate time.


SilkLoan Lite  is a reputable and convenient online lending application, offering quick and easy financial solutions for users in Tanzania. With a simple application process, reasonable interest rates, and automated profile approval capabilities, SilkLoan stands as one of the top choices for those in need of short-term loans. Download and experience the SilkLoan application to receive convenience and financial support in your daily life.

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