SAVii: An online financial platform in the Philippines. Provides secure, flexible, and reliable lending and savings solutions.
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Welcome to the world of SAVii – the groundbreaking financial application in the Philippines. This app not only provides smart and convenient credit solutions to nearly half a million partner employees but also brings about a transformation in your daily life. Savii offers an easy registration process, high approval rates, and flexible financial solutions, allowing you to harness financial resources quickly, reasonably, and reliably. Let the SAVii App help you build a solid credit history and achieve your financial goals.

Why should you choose SAVii App?

You should choose SAVii because the app brings unique advantages and benefits, including:

  • SAVii provides tailored financial solutions that align with your individual profile, helping you efficiently maintain financial well-being.
  • The app features a straightforward process, where you sign up and receive disbursement within 24 working hours after approval.
  • SAVii offers low interest rates, starting from 0.5% per month, enabling you to effectively save on borrowing costs.
  • Loan repayments are automatically deducted directly from your salary, making repayment management convenient and hassle-free.
  • SAVii aids in building a strong credit history and improving poor credit scores, creating favorable conditions for your financial future.
  • Savii adheres to the regulations of the Central Bank of the Philippines and the SEC, ensuring that you are working with a trustworthy and reliable partner.
  • Beyond lending services, SAVii also offers fixed-term deposits with preferential interest rates, helping you safely and effectively grow your savings.

Personal Loan Information

SAVii offers a variety of options for credit limits, interest rates, and loan terms to ensure they align with your individual financial needs. Below is detailed information about the loan, including:

Credit Limit

SAVii’s credit limit may vary based on credit profiles and the personal financial needs of each customer.

Interest Rates

  • Salary-related advances for a 1-month period: 0% interest rate.
  • Loans from 3 months to 60 months: Interest rates start from 0.5% per month. The specific interest rate will be determined based on your credit profile and loan term.

Loan Term

Loan terms are also flexible and can range from 3 months to 60 months, allowing you to choose a repayment period that suits your financial capability.

Loan Example

As an example, if you borrow ₱10,000 from SAVii for a period of 3 months, with a monthly interest rate of 1.5%, a service fee of ₱750, and a bank fee of ₱95:

  • Total interest payable: ₱10,000 x 1.5% x 3 (months) = ₱450
  • Total service fee and bank fee: ₱750 + ₱95 = ₱845
  • Disbursed amount (minus fees): ₱10,000 – ₱750 – ₱95 = ₱9,155
  • Total amount due (principal + interest + fees): ₱10,000 + ₱450 + ₱845 = ₱11,295.

Loan Requirements at SAVii

To meet the loan requirements at SAVii, you need:

  1. Valid Company ID and Government ID.
  2. Provide the latest payslip.
  3. Comply with the regulations of the central bank and SEC.
  4. Meet the credit conditions suitable for your employee profile.

Note: Specific requirements may vary based on individual cases and specific loan products. When applying for a loan, Savii will provide detailed information about the applicable requirements and conditions for your specific situation.

Guide to Applying for a Loan at SAVii

Below are the steps for applying for a loan through the SAVii App:

Step 1: Download and Install the SAVii APK/IOS on your mobile phone.

Step 2: If you don’t have an account, create a new account by providing the necessary personal information.

Step 3: Within the app, select the loan product that suits your needs, for example, “Loans from 3 months to 60 months.”

Step 4: Fill in required information such as the loan amount you want, the loan term, and other personal details.

Step 5: Submit necessary documents such as company ID, valid Government ID, and the most recent payslip.

Step 6: SAVii will verify your information and credit profile. This process may take a short while.

Step 7: Once your profile is approved, you will receive a disbursement notification. The money will be transferred to your account after meeting the conditions.

Note: The information you provide to SAVii must be accurate and complete. The loan amount you are eligible for depends on your credit profile, whether it’s high or low.

Loan Repayment Process at SAVii

Here is the loan repayment process at SAVii:

Step 1: Access the SAVii App or official website and log in to your account.

Step 2: In your account interface, locate the “Payment” or “Repayment” section.

Step 3: Choose the specific loan that you want to make a repayment for.

Step 4: Select the payment method you wish to use, such as a bank account or digital wallet.

Step 5: Enter the amount you want to repay. Ensure that this amount aligns with the payment requirement at that time.

Step 6: Review the payment details and confirm the repayment.

Step 7: After successful payment, you will receive a payment confirmation through the app or email.

Note: The repayment process may vary based on specific requirements set by SAVii and the payment method you choose. If you encounter any difficulties during the payment process, please contact SAVii’s customer service for assistance.

Is online borrowing from SAVii safe?

Savii is committed to ensuring the safety and security of customers when borrowing money online. Here are some reasons why online borrowing from Savii is considered safe:

Compliance with Regulations

Savii adheres to the regulations and guidelines set by the Central Bank of the Philippines and the SEC, ensuring that all financial activities are carried out in accordance with legal requirements.

Information Security

Savii ensures the confidentiality of your personal and financial information through modern security measures. Your information is encrypted and protected from potential risks.

Credit Verification

The process of verifying information and credit conditions helps ensure that you are borrowing reasonably and within your repayment capability.

Online Transactions

Savii’s online transaction system is designed with security in mind, allowing you to safely conduct transactions remotely.

Privacy Policy

Savii has a clear and publicly available privacy policy, helping you understand how your personal information is used and safeguarded.

Contact Information for SAVii

  • Company Name: New Cross Credit and Financing Gate PH, Inc.
  • Business Name: Savii (Registered Trademark of Uploan Asia PTE Ltd.)
  • PSEC Registration Number: CS201628816
  • Certificate of Authority (CA) Number: 1288
  • Website:
  • Office Address: HV Dela Costa Street, Salcedo Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Contact Email: [email protected]

When you need assistance or have any questions related to Savii’s services and products, you can reach out through the provided information to receive support from their customer care team.

SAVii is a reliable online financial platform in the Philippines, offering users safe, convenient, and flexible solutions for borrowing and saving money. With a simple application process and credit verification, SAVii provides financial opportunities for everyone, supporting their financial needs and goals. Committed to compliance and information security, SAVii brings peace of mind to users engaging in online financial services. Wishing everyone success and good fortune.

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