PesoRedee is a smart and reliable financial app in the Philippines. It offers flexible loans with quick approval, ranging from ₱1,000 to ₱30,000 for 90 to 720 days. The app ensures data security, transparent policies, and no hidden fees. Customers can easily access and manage their loans, making it a convenient and trustworthy financial solution.
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PesoRedee is an intelligent and flexible financial application designed to provide financial solutions for customers in the Philippines. The app offers a variety of support packages, connecting consumers in need of quick loans with financial services. Customers using the app will experience a reputable and straightforward financial service during the registration process. The approval time is flexible, ensuring the security of customers’ personal information.

Moreover, the PesoRedee App operates entirely on automated technology, leveraging advanced internet security and big data technology. This enhances financial efficiency, reduces costs, and provides safe, stable, and convenient consumer lending services for individuals in society who require loans.

Information about PesoRedee:

  • Operating Hours: From 9:00 to 18:00
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:

If you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to contact the company. The customer support team of PesoRedee will be ready to answer any inquiries you may have.

The Outstanding Advantages of PesoRedee

PesoRedee App – Online lending with outstanding advantages, as follows:

  • Simple registration process, saving time for customers.
  • No collateral or pledging of assets required.
  • Flexible borrowing limits and terms, tailored to individual needs for each customer.
  • Commitment to reasonable interest rates, not excessively high compared to other financial institutions.
  • No processing fees, completely free of charge, helping save costs when borrowing money here.
  • The app ensures security and confidentiality, safeguarding personal information from disclosure or trading.
  • Flexible payment methods for convenience.
  • Easy re-borrowing after repayment, with attractive incentives.

Loan Product Information at PesoRedee

PesoRedee offers users flexible loan products that are easily accessible, including:

  • Loan Amount: ₱1,000 to ₱30,000
  • Credit Term: 90 days to 720 days
  • Minimum Interest Rate: 0% and Maximum APR: 180%
  • Special offer for new customers: 0% interest and no additional fees

Example for a loan:

If you borrow ₱10,000 for 90 days, you will receive ₱10,000 and need to repay ₱14,500 in 3 equal installments, with ₱4,500 as the interest fee. There are no other debt repayment amounts.

The Process of Registering for a Loan at PesoRedee

Requirements for Loan Registration

To be eligible for a loan, you need to meet the following conditions:

  • Be aged 18 and above but below 55.
  • Be a citizen residing and working in the Philippines.
  • Have a bank account and a registered mobile number in your name.
  • Provide complete personal identification documents.
  • Have a stable job and income for repayment.

Loan Registration Instructions

Step 1: Simply download and install the PesoRedee app from

  • PesoRedee App for AKP
  • PesoRedee App for IOS

Step 2: Set up your account on the app, enter your mobile number, and receive an SMS with a verification code. Enter the code into the app to complete the registration successfully.

Step 3: Select the loan amount and repayment period. Then, provide the necessary information, including:

  • Full name, date of birth, address, and email.
  • Bank information, account number, and branch.
  • Identification documents and a portrait photo.
  • Employment details, position, and income.

Step 4: Wait for the application review process, which is usually very quick, taking around 30 minutes.

Step 5: Once your loan is approved, the money will be directly transferred to your bank account.

Note: During the application review, customer support will provide you with the loan amount and the policies, terms, and interest rates. If you agree, you can proceed with signing the loan application.

Tips to Help Your Online Loan Application Get Approved

If you want your loan application to be successfully approved, follow these steps:

  • Provide accurate and complete basic information about yourself, and if possible, provide additional details.
  • Have a stable job and income, with your income being deposited into your bank account. Provide relevant documentation.
  • Regularly access the app and update your information, as this may lead to special offers from the company.
  • Always make timely payments or even early payments to maintain a good credit score, which may lead to higher credit limits.

Payment Methods for Loans at PesoRedee

The payment method in the app is a direct bank transfer to PesoRedee’s bank account. This payment method applies to all banks operating in the Philippines.

To ensure safe and successful payments, customers need to contact the support department to obtain accurate information. It is essential not to ask others to make the payment on your behalf or use other intermediaries. Additionally, customers should keep the payment receipts for verification when necessary.

Privacy and Reliability Policy

The app prioritizes the security of your personal information. PesoRedee is committed to complying with data security regulations and will not disclose your information without your consent.

Policies, terms, and interest rate information are openly and transparently displayed in the app. You can check your loan details within the app. PesoRedee is highly reputable and builds trust among customers in need of financial services.

PesoRedee is a completely free online lending app. Install the PesoRedee App APK/IOS on your phone now to experience a smart, convenient, and reliable financial service.

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