PeraMoo, owned by Magician of Money Lending Corp, is an online loan application in the Philippines. With a straightforward registration process and flexible loan terms, it offers an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) ranging from 10% to 26%. It is secure, with millions of downloads and high ratings.
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PeraMoo is your reliable companion in personal online loan applications. The application prioritizes top-notch safety and security standards, providing quick and flexible loan services for the people of the Philippines. With a straightforward process and exceptional service style, PeraMoo is committed to delivering a convenient and reassuring experience for everyone. From flexible loan options to dedicated customer service, the PeraMoo App is the ideal choice to meet your financial needs and those of others.

Business information

PeraMoo is the business name of an online platform owned and operated by Magician of Money Lending Corp. Here is some information about this business:

  • Business Name: Magician of Money Lending Corp
  • Brand Name: PeraMoo
  • SEC Registration Number: CS201918391
  • CA Number: 3157

If you need more detailed information or have any questions about this business, you can contact them directly via the provided email or phone number.

Financial services on the application

Financial services on the app include:

  1. Personal Loans
  2. Consumer Loans
  3. Emergency Loans
  4. Flexible Term Loans
  5. Flexible Installment Loans

PeraMoo’s flexible financial services empower you to proactively manage your finances and efficiently meet all personal spending needs.

Reasons to choose PeraMoo

Here are some additional reasons why you should choose the PeraMoo app:

  • The app provides reasonable and understandable interest rates, making it easy for you to manage your loan.
  • You have the option to choose a repayment plan that suits your financial situation, helping to alleviate pressure.
  • PeraMoo reviews loan applications fairly, considering various factors rather than solely relying on credit history.
  • The app is designed to be simple and user-friendly, enabling easy management.
  • The app helps you build a positive credit history, facilitating access to other financial services in the future.
  • 24/7 user support, professional customer care services, and a trusted reputation make PeraMoo a reliable choice that users can trust.

All these factors make PeraMoo an ideal choice for those in need of quick and convenient loan services.

How does PeraMoo provide loan products?

PeraMoo offers a variety of loan products through its app, including:

  • Maximum loan amount: ₱2,000 – ₱10,000
  • Loan terms ranging from 91 days to a maximum of 360 days
  • Minimum Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 10%
  • Maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 26%
  • Service fee ranging from 5% – 15% upon loan disbursement, depending on the user’s risk assessment
  • Customers can repay through installment plans
  • Customer support available for individuals over 18 years old, who are citizens of the Philippines
  • Stable employment or a source of income is required
  • Valid personal identification documents are necessary

In addition to the above information, customers need to meet certain conditions such as having a bank account, using a smartphone, and installing the app on their phones.

Guide to the loan application process with PeraMoo

Step 1: Register and download the PeraMoo APK/IOS app from to your mobile phone. Alternatively, you can download the app from Chplay or the App Store.

Step 2: Fill in personal information and follow the loan request steps on the app.

Step 3: Wait for confirmation from PeraMoo and choose the disbursement method that suits you.

Step 4: Receive the loan amount in your bank account or e-wallet and use it flexibly according to your needs.

Note: Ensure that you provide accurate information and meet the necessary conditions to ensure a smooth and quick loan process.

Customer service information

Contact PeraMoo for assistance and support:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: 09656427825
  • Official Website:
  • Address: 1806 Cityland Pasong Tamo Tower, 2210 Chino Roces Ave, Pio Del Pilar, Makati City, Philippines.

During your use of PeraMoo’s services, if you need assistance, have questions, or want to file a complaint, contact the provided information. The customer support team on the app operates 24/7, providing the best assistance to customers.

Is using the PeraMoo App safe?

The PeraMoo App is a secure choice for online loan applications. Owned and operated by Magician of Money Lending Corp, a business registered with the Philippine government under SEC registration number CS201918391 and CA number 3157, PeraMoo is committed to complying with legal regulations.

Currently, with over 1 million downloads, PeraMoo demonstrates trust and preference from users. Highly rated by many customers, the app not only provides a convenient interface for registration and loan management but also adheres to strict security and safety standards.

Customers can have peace of mind when using PeraMoo, especially considering the company’s credibility achieved through a large user base and positive reviews from the community. However, it is important to thoroughly read and understand the terms and conditions of the app to ensure a safe and positive online loan experience.


PeraMoo is a reliable choice for all personal financial needs in the Philippines. The company is committed to top-notch information security, with a simple and flexible application process. PeraMoo not only provides quick loan services but also ensures the best user experience.

Additionally, the app offers reasonable interest rates, flexibility in payment channels, and dedicated customer service. Wishing everyone success in their loan applications through the app.

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