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Pera Agad is a user-friendly online lending platform in the Philippines. It offers quick and convenient loans, ensuring customer privacy and information security. With flexible terms and transparent services, Pera Agad is a reliable financial solution.
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Pera Agad is an attractive and convenient online loan application in the Philippines, where you can quickly meet your financial needs without complex procedures. With flexible borrowing periods and reasonable interest rates, the Pera Agad App helps you manage your financial matters easily and effectively. You just need to download the app, register, and provide the necessary information. Credit assessment and approval are completed in a short time. The app has a team of professional customer support staff who will advise and address any questions you may have. Customer data security is a top priority for Pera Agad. Experience the convenience and flexibility of online borrowing with Pera Agad today.

The Advantages of the Pera Agad Application

Here are the advantages of the Pera Agad application that we have experienced, used, and summarized for everyone’s reference as follows:

  • The app provides a simple and fast online loan process with high efficiency.
  • It meets customers’ financial needs flexibly and easily, without having to deal with complex procedures.
  • Pera Agad offers reasonable interest rates and provides related information about interest rates. This helps you have a clear understanding of the amount you need to repay and avoid unnecessary financial burdens.
  • The Pera Agad customer support team is always ready to listen to and address any questions you may have. You will receive thorough support and advice on financial matters related to using Pera Agad’s services.
  • The app is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems, making it easy for users to download and install on their phones. Additionally, the app is suitable for various customer groups with different usage preferences.

Loan Conditions and Loan Package Information at Pera Agad

Pera Agad provides some loan conditions and information about their loan packages as follows:

Loan Conditions

  • You must be a Filipino citizen aged between 18 and 55.
  • You need to have a mobile phone and a personal bank account.
  • Provide accurate and complete personal information.
  • You should have stable monthly employment and a source of income.
  • Download the Pera Agad app to your phone.

Loan Package Information

  • Loan Amount: From 5,000 PHP to 20,000 PHP.
  • Annual Interest Rate: 30% per year.
  • Product Usage Term: From 91 days to 181 days.
  • Transaction Fee: None.

Pera Agad offers flexible and convenient loan packages, helping you quickly meet your financial needs and address personal financial matters. With simple loan conditions and transparent loan package information, Pera Agad is an attractive choice for those seeking a reliable online loan service.

Registration and Payment Process at Pera Agad App

The Pera Agad App simplifies the registration and payment process to meet customers’ quick loan needs. Customers need to meet the following requirements:

Step 1: Download and Register

Customers only need to download the Pera Agad APK/IOS app from and proceed to create an account. Registration takes only a few minutes, and customers need to provide basic personal information and ensure that all details are filled in correctly and accurately.

Step 2: Verification of Information

After registration, customers will be required to provide the necessary documents to verify their identity and assess their creditworthiness. The information verification process typically takes about 30 to 45 minutes and is conducted safely and securely.

Step 3: Assessment and Payment

Once the information is verified, Pera Agad will carry out a credit risk assessment and determine the customer’s repayment ability. After the assessment is completed, users will receive a notification of the result and can receive the loan amount within 30 minutes.

Step 4: Payment and Debt Management

Pera Agad provides multiple flexible payment methods for customers. Customers can make online bank transfers or use e-wallets to conveniently repay their loans.

Privacy and Information Security Commitment

Pera Agad Loan is committed to protecting the privacy and information security of its customers. The company does not share, disclose, or sell your personal information to anyone. The app employs advanced security measures to ensure that your data is well-protected. Furthermore, Pera Agad adheres to international security standards and utilizes security technologies to prevent data loss, unauthorized access, or misuse. You can trust in your privacy and security when using our services.

Contact Information for Pera Agad

Below is the contact information for Pera Agad:

  • Customer Service Hotline: +63 961 644 9899
  • Website:
  • Support Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 134-B Mindanao Avenue, Bahay Toro, Quezon City, District 2, National Capital Region (NCR), 1106, Philippines.

If you have any questions or need assistance regarding Pera Agad’s services, you can reach out to them through the provided contact information to receive support and answers to your inquiries.


Whether you need a small amount of money for a short period or are looking to build a long-term trusted relationship, Pera Agad will be there to assist you with flexible and convenient financial solutions. Download the Pera Agad App today to experience the convenience and speed of online lending. Wishing everyone success and good fortune.

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