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Nana Credit is a reliable online lending service operating in Ghana. They offer flexible loan amounts ranging from small to large, with repayment terms that can extend from 120 to 180 days. Nana Credit aims to provide convenience and speed in the loan approval and disbursement process, helping customers address their urgent financial needs easily and quickly. Their service is highly regarded for its security and dedicated staff, and it does not require collateral.
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Nana Credit is an online financial application that is widely trusted and chosen in Ghana. The app offers quick, convenient, and secure online lending solutions. Borrowing money through the app does not require collateral, third-party guarantees, or approval from relatives; only a valid ID card is sufficient.

The approval and disbursement process is extremely fast, taking only 30 minutes. Nana Credit’s strength lies in providing customers with the most flexible and efficient financial solutions while ensuring the security and transparency of customer information. Let’s explore more about the Nana Credit App to access convenient and safe financial options.

Review of Nana Credit App

Below are our evaluations of the Nana Credit app based on our participation and usage. Please take them into consideration:


  • The app allows customers to borrow money quickly without the need to physically visit any location. The lending terms are also straightforward, making it accessible to all customers.
  • Customers can borrow money through the app without having to provide collateral or third-party guarantees, and there’s no need for approval from relatives or friends.
  • Customers only need to provide a picture of their ID card and some personal information to complete the loan application process instantly.
  • The app features an automated profile approval system and disburses funds within 30 minutes after the customer completes the loan application process.
  • The app evaluates loan applications fairly and transparently, with a high approval rate, up to 99%. Customers need not worry about being denied a loan.
  • The company commits to safeguarding customer information and does not share, use, or sell customer data to any third parties.
  • The app offers multiple flexible payment methods, allowing customers to choose convenient ways to repay their loans.


  • Nana Credit’s interest rates are higher compared to banks and some other institutions.
  • The app imposes a maximum borrowing limit for each customer.
  • Late payment by customers incurs penalty fees.

Product Information and Loan Process at Nana Credit

Below are some detailed information about the loan and the steps for online loan application at Nana Credit. We invite everyone to learn and evaluate before applying for a loan in the app as follows:

Product Information

Interest rates, loan limits, and terms are essential factors when customers apply for a loan at Nana Credit. According to the information provided on the website and the app:

  • Loan amount: GHS 5,000 – GHS 150,000
  • Loan term: 120 days to 180 days
  • Annual interest rate: Up to 14%
  • One-time service fee: 10%
  • Maximum annual comprehensive interest rate: 24%

The interest rates on loans from Nana Credit App may be higher than those offered by some banks and organizations. Therefore, customers should carefully consider before applying for a loan at Nana Credit to avoid facing debts beyond their repayment capacity.

Steps for Applying for a Loan on the App

To register and apply for a loan at Nana Credit, users need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and install the Nana Credit App on your mobile phone from

Step 2: Create an app account by providing basic information such as:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • National ID number and bank account…

Step 3: After completing the account registration, customers will be directed to the page to choose a loan package, including various loan options such as GHS 5,000, GHS 20,000, GHS 100,000, etc.

Step 4: Select the loan package that suits your needs and fill in all the necessary information in your loan profile.

Step 5: Wait for Nana Credit App to automatically review the loan profile and notify the result through the app or the customer’s phone number. If the loan profile is approved, Nana Credit will disburse the loan within 30 minutes, as quickly as possible.

Conditions for Online Loan Application

To ensure a quick and convenient loan approval and disbursement process, Nana Credit requires users to meet the following conditions:

  • Be a citizen of Ghana
  • Have valid government-issued identification documents
  • Provide personal identification photos
  • Information about income sources, financial status, and credit history
  • Current residential and work address.

Contact information for Nana Credit

  • Company Name: Nana Credit Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Company Address: M659+PJW, Adiembra Rd, Kumasi, Ghana
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +233 0503693540

If you have any questions or need assistance regarding loan applications or Nana Credit’s services, you can reach them via the provided email address or phone number.

How much is the initial loan amount at Nana Credit?

The maximum loan amount for first-time customers at Nana Credit App typically ranges from GHS 5,000 to GHS 50,000. Additionally, it depends on promotional programs and the customer’s financial information and conditions. However, for customers with a good borrowing history, the loan limit can increase significantly.

Is Nana Credit trustworthy for online loans?

Considering the advantages and disadvantages mentioned in the article, Nana Credit is a reliable online loan app that many customers trust and use frequently. If you need quick loans without collateral, without face-to-face meetings, and fast disbursement, Nana Credit is a good and trustworthy choice.

However, we advise everyone to carefully read the terms, conditions, and policies of the Nana Credit app before using their services. Additionally, it’s essential to assess your financial capability and income to avoid difficulties in repayment later on.


Nana Credit is a lending service that offers quick and convenient online loans to customers in Ghana. With loan amounts ranging from GHS 5,000 to GHS 150,000 and flexible repayment terms of 120 to 180 days, Nana Credit provides a viable option for individuals in need of urgent financial assistance. However, it’s essential for potential borrowers to carefully consider the interest rates, which may be higher compared to some banks and organizations, to avoid taking on debts beyond their means of repayment. Overall, Nana Credit’s user-friendly app, fast approval process, and secure loan services make it a reliable choice for those seeking emergency funding in Ghana.

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