LairaPlus is a loan application in Nigeria with a simple and quick process through the mobile app, providing convenient and flexible loan services.
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Are you in need of a reliable and convenient financial solution for your daily life in Nigeria? That’s when the LairaPlus app comes to your aid. The app offers an instant online loan approval process through the mobile application, providing you with the necessary funds immediately to fulfill your financial plans. LairaPlus offers a 0% interest rate for new customers and a simple, secure process, bringing unexpected convenience to you. LairaPlus App – your finances will always be ensured quickly and easily.

Pros and Cons Assessment of LairaPlus


  • Fast and easy approval for users
  • No collateral or complex paperwork required
  • Favorable policy of 0% interest rate for new customers
  • Modern application, convenient and user-friendly interface
  • Ensures the safety of users’ personal information
  • Provides flexible services for various purposes
  • Professional customer service, nationwide 24/7 support.


  • Higher interest rates compared to banks and financial institutions.
  • Late payment fees may apply if customers fail to make timely payments.
  • Short loan terms and limited borrowing amounts may not meet the needs of many customers.

Information on loan terms and products at LairaPlus

Below is some information about the loan conditions and products on LairaPlus for reference, as follows:

Conditions for loan registration

  • Customers must be over 20 years old to register for a loan on the application.
  • Have a valid Nigerian national ID card.
  • Customers must have stable employment and income for at least 5 months.
  • Must use a bank account to receive and repay the loan.
  • Provide accurate personal information.

Loan products on the application

  • Loan amounts from ₦5,000 to ₦500,000
  • Loan duration from 91 days to 365 days
  • Annual interest rates from 16% – 28% per year
  • Free service fee

An example of a loan

You borrow on LairaPlus with an amount of ₦10,000, the loan term is 180 days, the interest rate is 16% per year, as follows:

  • Total interest to be paid: ₦10,000 * 16% = ₦1,600
  • Total amount to be repaid: ₦10,000 + ₦1,600 = ₦11,600.

This is just a specific example, and different loan products on the application have different conditions and interest rates. When using the application, users need to ensure a clear understanding of the specific terms and conditions of each loan product before deciding to borrow money.

Should you borrow money from Laira Plus?

The decision to borrow money is an important one and should be carefully considered. Before deciding to borrow from LairaPlus, you should consider the following factors:

  1. The necessity of borrowing when using
  2. The cost of borrowing, including interest and service fees.
  3. The loan term that suits your financial capacity.
  4. Carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the loan agreement.

Quick loan application steps at LairaPlus

Below are the steps to apply for a loan at LairaPlus, as follows:

Step 1: Download and install the LairaPlus APK/IOS app from

Step 2: Register an account by providing the necessary personal information as required by the application.

Step 3: Enter the desired loan amount and term.

Step 4: Confirm and double-check loan information before submitting the application.

Step 5: Wait for the confirmation and approval process from LairaPlus.

Step 6: Once the loan application is approved, the borrowed amount will be transferred to your account as specified.

Note: Make sure you carefully read the instructions on the application for the most detailed and accurate information. Additionally, provide the most accurate information.

Monthly loan repayment methods

Laira Plus will provide multiple payment methods for user convenience. The following are the ways to make monthly loan repayments, including:

  • Bank transfer
  • Payment via e-wallet
  • Payment via credit card
  • Payment at the transaction point

Be sure to check the payment methods on the LairaPlus app or website for the most detailed and updated information on how to repay your monthly loan.

Contact information for LairaPlus

  • Customer service email: [email protected]
  • WhatsApp support phone number: +234 7030919031
  • Website:
  • Company address: 87 Nosamu St, Ajengule 102103, Lagos, Nigeria.

If you need support or have any questions related to LairaPlus’ loan service, please contact them via the provided email, phone number, or company address above.


Laira Plus is a fast and convenient loan application with a simple and instant approval process. The service also offers flexibility with a 0% interest rate for new customers and various payment methods. However, users need to be aware of the high interest rates and any incurred fees if they fail to repay the loan on time. This is still a good option if you need an urgent financial solution in Nigeria. Best wishes for successful loan registration on the app.

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