KoboGo revolutionizes online borrowing in Nigeria, offering a quick, reliable, and user-friendly platform. Access loans, manage applications, and enjoy financial convenience through the KoboGo app.
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KoboGo is a revolutionary online lending application that introduces a completely new experience for online borrowing in Nigeria. Utilizing the KoboGo App, your borrowing process will become faster, more convenient, and more reliable than ever before. With just a few simple steps, you can easily access reputable loan packages provided to customers 24/7. If you’re facing financial difficulties, learn about the KoboGo App, an application that will help you secure the best financial source.

Key Features of KoboGo

KoboGo offers a range of attractive features and conveniences to meet the borrowing needs of customers. Here are the prominent features that KoboGo brings:

Fast Loan Approval

KoboGo is committed to providing funds as quickly as possible. With a simple and speedy process, you’ll only need less than 30 seconds to complete your online loan application. Forget about complex procedures and long waiting times; with KoboGo, you’ll receive money quickly and conveniently.

Simplicity and Convenience

KoboGo doesn’t require special access rights or complicated information. Borrowing money only requires your national ID and bank card. You don’t need to meet in person or go through time-consuming procedures. Everything can be processed online, right within the KoboGo app.

First-time Customer Benefits

If you’re a first-time customer applying for a loan with KoboGo, you’ll receive a 0% interest rate offer for the first 30 days. After 30 days, KoboGo will apply the regular interest rate. Additionally, KoboGo doesn’t impose a first-time borrowing limit; the app will determine your borrowing limit based on your borrowing conditions and provided information, granting you a high borrowing limit opportunity.

Information about Loans on KoboGo

KoboGo provides flexible loan amounts that suit everyone’s financial needs. Here are the detailed loan terms available on the KoboGo app:

  • Minimum Credit Duration: 65 days.
  • Maximum Credit Duration: 90 days.
  • Minimum Annual Interest Rate: 3,711%.
  • Daily Interest Rate: 1.2% per year.
  • Maximum Annual Interest Rate: 438%.

An Example for Your Loan: You borrow 10,000 NGN for 65 days with a daily interest rate of 1.2%.

  • The amount of interest you need to repay is 7,800 NGN.
  • The total amount due in 65 days is 17,800 NGN.

Loan Terms and Application Process at KoboGo

KoboGo offers a simple and convenient process for online loan applications. Below are some conditions and the basic application process, including:

Loan Requirements

  • Age between 20 and 60 years old.
  • You are a Nigerian citizen.
  • Ability to repay the borrowed amount.
  • Have a bank account to receive funds.
  • Provide complete personal documentation about yourself.

Application Process

Step 1: Download and install the KoboGo APK/IOS on your mobile device from cashloanapp.net. You can also register quickly using the app compatible with both Android and IOS operating systems.

Step 2: Open the app and create a new account by providing personal information such as: Name, date of birth, national ID number, phone number, bank account number, address, email, and app password.

Step 3: Verify your identity by providing your national ID information and taking a portrait photo. KoboGo will use this information to verify and ensure the accuracy of your personal details.

Step 4: Link your bank account by providing your bank account information. This will allow KoboGo to transfer the loan funds directly to your account and conveniently collect repayments.

Step 5: Choose the loan amount and adjust parameters like the loan amount and repayment period according to your needs.

Step 6: Fill in necessary information about your income and employment. KoboGo App will use this information to assess your repayment capacity.

Step 7: Confirm the information and submit your loan request. KoboGo will review your information and provide the result shortly. Once your loan request is approved, the money will be swiftly transferred directly to your bank account.

Note: The loan application process at KoboGo may change. You need to access the app for the latest updates.

Contact Information

If you’re interested in KoboGo’s services or need support and advice, please contact via the following information:

  • Website: https://kobogo.ng
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone Numbers: +234 170 024 64 / +234 170 024 65
  • Address: 14 Aminu Ajibode Ave, Isheri Olofin 102213, Lagos, Nigeria

Customer service operates 24/7, and you can contact them anytime.

Privacy and Rights

KoboGo values the importance of privacy and is committed to safeguarding your personal information. Please carefully read KoboGo’s privacy policy to understand how the app collects, uses, protects, and processes your personal information on the website and app.

KoboGo pledges to keep your data confidential. All information you choose to share with the app is encrypted, and KoboGo assures that your personal information will never be transferred without your consent.


At KoboGo, borrowing money online becomes easier and more convenient than ever before. You don’t need to spend time going to the bank or meeting directly with staff. All loan processes can be completed right on the KoboGo App from anywhere and at any time.

Don’t hesitate any longer, experience KoboGo App today and discover the convenience and speed of online borrowing. The app will be your reliable companion in efficiently and conveniently addressing your financial needs.

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