KashOn is a loan application in Nigeria, offering a simple and fast borrowing experience. With loans of up to ₦50,000, flexible interest rates, and a straightforward process, KashOn efficiently supports personal financial needs.
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KashOn – A high-quality personal loan application, not only providing a fast loan experience but also ensuring absolute safety in Nigeria. Apply for a loan on the app, get instant approval without the need for collateral, documents, and credit limits of up to ₦50,000. KashOn is a reliable partner for all your daily financial needs. Low interest rates, flexible limits, and a professional support team bring a smooth borrowing experience. What’s even better, the app helps you manage finances and conveniently pay bills. Install the KashOn App today and receive your loan within 30 minutes.

Details of The Loan Product

  • Minimum loan limit: ₦2,000
  • Maximum loan limit: ₦50,000
  • Minimum loan duration: 90 days
  • Maximum loan duration: 180 days
  • Monthly interest and service fee: 1% to 3%
  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 12% to 36%
  • Nigerian citizen, aged 21 to 55
  • Minimum monthly salary: ₦4,000
  • Provide complete documentation as required.
  • Credit score meets KashOn’s requirements

Example for a loan amount

If you borrow ₦10,000 and choose to repay after 3 months, your monthly interest and service fee will be 1%, totaling 3% over 3 months. Therefore, you will have to pay ₦300 for the entire loan term. The total amount you have to repay is ₦10,300.

Note: The above figures are illustrative and may vary depending on the specific conditions of each loan.

Benefits of the KashOn Loan App

The benefits of using the KashOn loan application are diverse and bring convenience to customers, including:

  1. Completion of a simple application process and immediate loan disbursement, assisting in addressing urgent financial needs.
  2. No requirement for collateral or documentation, reducing complexity and registration time for added convenience.
  3. Credit limit extending up to ₦50,000, allowing customers to choose the loan amount they need.
  4. Low interest rates, starting from 12% per year, helping to alleviate financial pressure during repayment.
  5. A professional support team always ready to address inquiries and provide assistance throughout the loan application process.
  6. Detailed financial information provided by the application, aiding customers in budget management and credit score monitoring.
  7. Transparency with no hidden fees, along with data security through 256-bit SSL encryption, ensuring safety and reliability for users.
  8. Convenient online utility bill payments with a cashback guarantee, motivating users to utilize the application’s payment feature.

KashOn not only provides a fast loan experience but also offers various benefits and utilities to meet the financial needs of customers in a flexible and effective manner.

How to Use KashOn Application Easily

  1. Download the KashOn APK/IOS application at cashloanapp.net and fill in basic personal information.
  2. Instant credit limit will be generated upon registration.
  3. Complete the personal information verification process.
  4. Choose the loan amount and installment plan.
  5. Transfer funds from the credit limit to your bank account.
  6. Use the application to track and manage personal finances.

Additionally, refer KashOn to friends and earn ₦100 for each friend who completes their first loan.

Customer Support Services

Contact KashOn through the following information:

  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • WhatsApp Customer Service: +234 9169173632
  • Website: https://kashon.ng

For more details about products and services or to receive assistance, use the provided contact information.

Is KashOn Application Safe?

KashOn App is not only a convenient personal loan application but also a reputable partner trusted by many customers. Its credibility is reinforced by state bank approval and collaboration with reputable companies. The application, with low-interest rates and utilities, attracts a large user base, as evidenced by consistently increasing downloads and positive reviews from over 100,000 registered customers. It is a reliable application, offering a quick and secure borrowing experience.


KashOn – The best online loan application for disbursing funds. It provides low-interest loan packages and high credit limits to meet customer needs. These are the details about the application, compiled for customer reference. If you need assistance or advice, please comment below the article. Wishing everyone successful loan applications on the platform.

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