Kasente is a modern online lending platform in Uganda, offering quick and convenient access to personal loans. With a user-friendly interface and flexible loan options, Kasente provides borrowers with easy-to-understand terms, efficient loan approval, and secure data handling, ensuring a seamless borrowing experience.
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Kasente is an online loan application designed to bring convenience and speed to meeting personal financial needs in Uganda. With Kasente App, you can easily access a loan without facing complex and time-consuming procedures. Additionally, the loan policies and conditions are straightforward, making it accessible to all customers. If you want to apply for a loan with Kasente, sign up today.

Key Features of Kasente Loan Products

  • Loan Amount: From UGX 30,000 to UGX 1,000,000.
  • Loan Term: Minimum of 91 days to a maximum of 365 days.
  • Loan Interest Rate: From 0.5% to 2% per day.
  • Loan Fee: 5%.
  • Monthly Fee: From 25% to 250%.
  • Repayment Method: Daily, weekly, or monthly installments, depending on your choice.

Loan Example:

If you borrow UGX 200,000 with a 120-day term, a 5% service fee, and a 33% interest rate.

  • The total cost will be 200,000 UGX * (5% + 33%) = 76,000 UGX.
  • The total amount to repay is UGX 266,000.
  • If you choose to repay monthly, you will pay UGX 66,500 each month.

Simple and Quick

Kasente helps you save time and effort with a simple and fast loan application and processing process. Just download the Kasente app to your mobile phone, and you can begin the account registration process. Then, it only takes a few simple steps to submit a loan application and provide the necessary information.

Fast Loan Decision

Using data analysis and risk assessment algorithms, Kasente can quickly determine your loan repayment capability. This process helps you receive a loan decision in a short amount of time, ensuring you don’t have to wait long to know the outcome.

Flexible and Customizable

Kasente App offers flexible loan packages that allow you to choose the loan amount and repayment period that suits your personal financial capacity. Interest rates and loan conditions are determined based on your personal information and credit history, helping you create a loan plan that aligns with your current financial situation.

Safe and Secure

Kasente prioritizes the safety and security of your personal data. This application employs advanced security measures to protect your personal and financial information. All personal and financial data is processed securely and in compliance with data protection regulations. You can trust that your information will be safeguarded and not misused.

How to Apply for a Loan with Kasente

Step 1: Download and install the Kasente APK/IOS app from cashloanapp.net to your phone.

Step 2: Grant data access permissions.

Step 3: Register with your MTN or Airtel phone number.

Step 4: Fill in your personal information in the KYC form.

Step 5: Submit the loan application and agree to the loan agreement.

Step 6: If approved, the amount will be transferred directly to your Mobile Money wallet. If not approved, you can check and reapply if necessary.

Notes When Borrowing from Kasente

Here are important notes to consider when borrowing from Kasente, including:

  • Understand the loan amount, repayment terms, including interest rates, fees, and the repayment schedule.
  • Ensure you meet age requirements, income criteria, and have valid identification documents.
  • Have the required documents, including a valid national ID card and a mobile money account registered with MTN or Airtel Money.
  • Understand what information Kasente may collect to assess your loan application and decide whether you consent to this data collection.
  • Kasente employs security measures to protect your data. Always update the app to enjoy new security features.
  • Kasente provides customer support during working hours. Contact them via email for questions or to file a complaint.

Contact Information

Below is the contact information for Kasente:

Note: Kasente’s office hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. If you have any questions or complaints, you can contact them via the respective email addresses or visit their office at the provided address for assistance.


Kasente is a modern and convenient online loan application for personal financial needs in Uganda. With a simple and fast process, you can quickly obtain a loan and meet your urgent financial requirements. Additionally, with flexibility and customization, Kasente caters to your loan needs in the best possible way.

Download Kasente today and experience the convenience and security of online borrowing. However, always remember to assess your repayment capability before taking a loan to ensure your personal finances remain stable and avoid falling into uncontrollable debt.

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