Creditmoja is a Kenya-based online financial platform, offering simple and accessible loan products. With a focus on user convenience and data security, it provides a reliable and efficient financial service experience.
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Have you ever struggled when needing to borrow money but not knowing which entity, organization, or bank to choose? With Creditmoja, everything becomes simpler and more convenient than ever. Creditmoja is one of the leading online loan applications in Kenya, providing customers with attractive interest rates and high limits, along with a simple and convenient borrowing process. You just need to follow a few simple steps on the Creditmoja app, and the money will be transferred to your bank account or e-wallet in just a few minutes. With transparency and full compliance with legal regulations, Creditmoja is currently a reliable destination for those in need of online loans. Let’s find out more about the Creditmoja App through the information below.

Loan Product Information at Creditmoja

Here is detailed information about Creditmoja’s loan products:

  • Loan amount: From 2500 Ksh to 25000 Ksh
  • Loan term: From 91 days to 365 days.
  • Interest rate: From a minimum of 12% to a maximum of 50% APR.
  • Service fee: 0%.
  • Customers must be aged 20 to 55.
  • Be a citizen of Kenya.

An example of the borrowing process

If the borrowed amount is 6000 Ksh and the annual interest rate (APR) is 44% with a loan term of 180 days, then:

  • Interest amount = 4920 Ksh * 44% / 365 * 180 = 1080 Ksh.
  • You will receive 4920 Ksh and will have to repay a total of 6000 Ksh (including both the borrowed amount and the interest).

Why Should Customers Choose Creditmoja App?

There are many reasons for customers to choose the Creditmoja online loan application. Here are the key reasons that Creditmoja provides to customers:

Simple borrowing process

Borrowing money online with Creditmoja has a simple process. Customers only need to download the app on their phone and follow a few simple steps to borrow money. This helps customers save time and effort, as they do not need to go anywhere, just sit at home with a smartphone connected to the internet.

Attractive interest rates and borrowing limits

The loan interest rates at Creditmoja are not too high compared to many other financial institutions in the market today. With this interest rate, you do not have to worry about anything and it will not affect your future debt repayment. The borrowing limit is suitable for many customer profiles, meeting various financial needs. Additionally, information on interest rates and borrowing limits is publicly disclosed, ensuring transparency without any hidden fees.

Compliance with the law and safety

Policies and terms at Creditmoja comply with state laws, ensuring that there are no excessively high interest rates or illegal debt collection practices. Customer personal information and images are always securely and confidentially protected, not used or sold in any form. Therefore, customers can trust and use the services here.

Professional customer support

Creditmoja has a team of dedicated and professional customer care staff ready to support customers throughout the borrowing process and address any customer inquiries. The customer service hotline operates 24/7, and customers can contact them at any time through various channels.

Modern and advanced application

The Creditmoja application uses automated loan approval technology, enabling customers to save time and quickly and easily receive finances. Creditmoja is known for having a loan approval rate of up to 90%, making it a preferred option for many people. The application is suitable for various platforms such as Android and IOS or PC. It is easy to use and suitable for various customer profiles. The app can be downloaded and installed for free, ensuring safety during use.

Guide To Applying For An Online Loan at Creditmoja

Registering for an online loan on the Creditmoja app is not difficult; customers just need to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download and install Creditmoja

  • Download Creditmoja APK/IOS at
  • Install it on your phone.
  • Register quickly on the website

Step 2: Create an app account

  • Open the app and click on the “Register” button to create a new account.
  • Enter your phone number in the app. Then, enter the verification code sent via SMS.

Step 3: Enter personal information for the loan

  • Full name, date of birth, address, email, etc.
  • Personal ID number, bank account number…
  • Provide ID images.
  • Enter the loan amount and term.

Step 4: Wait for approval and receive the loan

  • Creditmoja will automatically verify the information and approve your loan application in a short time.
  • Once the loan is approved, the funds will be transferred to your bank account as soon as possible.

Contact Information For Creditmoja

Contact information for Creditmoja is as follows:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Address: Mombasa Street, Nairobi, Kenya

If you need support or have any questions related to Creditmoja’s services or products, you can contact them via the email address provided. Additionally, if you are in the vicinity of the office address, you can also visit directly for assistance.


Creditmoja is a simple and convenient online financial platform in Kenya. The application aims to provide loan services without requiring extensive paperwork and offers flexible and accessible loan products for users. In addition, Creditmoja is committed to protecting customers’ personal information, creating a secure and reliable environment for conducting online financial transactions.

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