CashPaddie is an online loan service in Nigeria, offering flexible amounts with low-interest rates. Its standout features include no collateral requirements and high levels of information security.
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CashPaddie – A popular and trusted online loan application in Nigeria. The app offers convenience, simplicity, and speed, enabling thousands of people to access financial services through their mobile phones. So why not try the experience and discover the wonderful things that CashPaddie brings to you.

The CashPaddie App is a service that allows customers to quickly and conveniently borrow money through their mobile phones. The loan conditions are also straightforward, requiring only a personal ID and basic information about income and employment. The app also supports convenient payment methods and ensures the security of customers’ personal information.

Features of the CashPaddie App

  • Customers can register and be approved within a few minutes.
  • Only a personal ID and basic information about income and employment are needed to borrow money.
  • The loan amount can go up to NGN200,000 for first-time borrowers, with the loan duration negotiated by the customer.
  • Customers can choose payment methods through e-wallets or direct transfers.
  • The app is committed to securing customers’ personal information for their safety.
  • The CashPaddie support team is always ready to answer questions and assist customers quickly and professionally.

These are the fantastic features of CashPaddie, providing customers with a convenient, simple, and secure online loan experience.

Introducing the loan products at CashPaddie

  • Loan amounts range from NGN3,000 to NGN200,000.
  • Loan terms extend from 91 days to 365 days.
  • Service interest rates range from 6% to 24%.
  • Monthly interest rates start at 0.5%.
  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR) varies from 12% to 30%.
  • No hidden fees, reinvestment fees, or transaction fees.

For example, if you choose to borrow 20,000 NGN over a 3-month period, CashPaddie calculates a service fee of 6% and a monthly interest rate of 0.5%. The APR would be 12%. The total amount due at the end of the term would be 21,500 NGN.

Loan conditions on the application

To borrow money from CashPaddie, customers need to meet the following conditions:

  • Be a Nigerian citizen aged 18 or older with a valid ID.
  • Have a mobile phone and a personal bank account.
  • Possess a stable source of income and the ability to repay the loan on time.
  • Accept CashPaddie’s terms and conditions.
  • The application does not accept customers with a bad credit history.

Customers are not required to provide any collateral for the loan at CashPaddie, and there is no need for income verification. However, to ensure repayment capability, customers must have a stable income source and meet the necessary criteria for loan approval. Additionally, to register and use CashPaddie’s services, customers need to ensure that their personal information is accurate and valid.

The process of applying for a loan on the CashPaddie App

The loan application process at CashPaddie App is straightforward and quick, following the steps below:

Step 1: Download and install the CashPaddie APK/IOS application on your mobile phone at

Step 2: Register an account by entering basic personal information, including name, phone number, email address, personal ID number, and a photo of your ID.

Step 3: Select the desired loan amount and repayment period.

Step 4: Provide information about income and employment, including company name, position, and salary.

Step 5: Choose a suitable payment method, such as bank transfer or direct payment via card or e-wallet.

Step 6: Wait for the approval notification from CashPaddie. If approved, customers will receive the loan amount within a few minutes.

With these simple steps, customers can easily register and use CashPaddie’s online loan service quickly and conveniently.

What happens if the repayment is not made on time?

If a customer fails to make timely repayments as agreed with CashPaddie, they will incur late fees. If payment is still not made within the specified period, customers may face legal consequences and potential damage to their credit records.

Contact information and customer support

Additionally, customers can contact CashPaddie’s support team through the mobile app or other support channels for assistance and clarification during the use of CashPaddie’s services.


CashPaddie is an online loan service in Nigeria, offering borrowers convenience with flexible loan terms and a variety of loan amounts. The service is committed to providing low-interest rates and does not require collateral, creating favorable conditions for borrowers.

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