CareFinance is an online loan application in Nigeria with flexible interest rates and a loan term ranging from 91 to 180 days. It caters to users aged 20 to 55, meeting their quick personal loan needs.
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You need a sum of money to address financial difficulties in your life, such as paying off debts, rent, education, or personal expenses? You want a loan with a simple process, convenient, without evaluating relatives. If so, CareFinance will be the application for quick online loans and the perfect solution for you to choose in Nigeria. With favorable interest rates and competitive fees, CareFinance provides a convenient and effective borrowing method for your financial needs. Let’s learn more about the CareFinance App to find out more details about this application.

Information about the loan package at CareFinance

Many customers seek the CareFinance application due to its flexible loan packages that are suitable for customers’ capabilities and have many preferential policies. Here is information about the loan package at CareFinance, as follows:

Credit Limit

The loan limit at CareFinance ranges from NGN5,000 to NGN100,000. The loan limit is quite high and meets many customers’ needs. CareFinance does not limit the loan for first-time customers but depends on the assessment based on the conditions and information provided by the customer. Customers need to note that when applying for a loan, they must provide complete and accurate information to be eligible for a higher credit limit.

Interest Rate

Care Finance has a minimum annual interest rate of 14.4% and a maximum (APR) of 21.5%, equivalent to 0.04% to 0.06% per day. The interest rate is higher than that of banks and some other institutions in the current market. However, we ensure that this interest rate does not affect the repayment of the loan by customers in the future.

In addition, CareFinance has an interest rate preferential policy for customers. The interest rate of CareFinance will decrease significantly, and customers will benefit greatly.


The loan term at CareFinance will depend on the customer’s loan limit. Typically, the term will be from 91 to 180 days. Customers borrowing a higher credit limit will have a longer term, and vice versa. CareFinance allows customers to make monthly installment payments, which is very convenient for customers’ repayment.

Conditions for online loans at CareFinance

As everyone knows, the online loan application CareFinance has simple loan conditions that any customer can meet and qualify for. The specific details are as follows:

  • Customers must be citizens of Nigeria, currently residing and working in Nigeria.
  • Having a job and a stable monthly income.
  • Having complete document information such as a national identity card or driver’s license. CareFinance does not require customers to submit physical documents, only to provide images.
  • Customers must have a smartphone connected to the internet, and an active bank account.
  • CareFinance does not accept customers with bad debts from any organizations, institutions, or banks in Nigeria.

With the above information, we hope that everyone will meet these requirements fully before downloading the application to register for a loan at CareFinance.

The process of registering for fast loans at CareFinance

Care Finance offers various ways to apply for a loan. However, based on our application review, customers are advised to download the application to their phones for registration. Downloading the application helps customers manage their borrowing history, loan repayments, and ensures a higher level of security, as follows:

Step 1: Download and install the CareFinance APK/IOS app at

Step 2: Register for an application account by filling in information such as full name, address, email, and phone number. Then, confirm the OTP code sent to the phone via text message.

Step 3: After successfully confirming the OTP code, customers choose the appropriate loan limit and repayment period according to their needs.

Step 4: Verify the customer’s personal information by providing document images, facial portraits, and some related information such as occupation, position, etc.

Step 5: CareFinance immediately approves your loan application, and the amount you applied for will be transferred directly to your bank account.

In case the CareFinance application has an error or you cannot register for a loan, you can choose other applications on our website as an alternative.

Points to note when borrowing from CareFinance

Customers applying for loans on the CareFinance App effectively, safely, and successfully need to consider the following information:

  • Choose the policies, terms, interest rates, etc., at CareFinance that customers find suitable and can meet their repayment capabilities before applying for a loan.
  • Customers should not apply for loans at CareFinance that exceed their income. Avoid situations where you cannot repay the loan.
  • Loan applications must provide accurate and preferably detailed information. This will increase the likelihood of a successful loan application and a higher loan limit. Otherwise, CareFinance will reject the application immediately.
  • If there are any inquiries needing support or complaints, customers should directly contact the provided information in the article.
  • In addition to the information we provide, customers should also access CareFinance’s website and application to update the latest information.

Contact information and customer support at CareFinance

Here is the contact and support information for Care Finance:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Hotline: 018885168

If you have any questions about their products or services, or need support regarding loan issues, do not hesitate to contact them via email or the hotline number provided. The office address has also been provided if you wish to send a letter directly or visit their office.


CareFinance is an online lending application in Nigeria, providing fast and convenient personal loan services. This application serves users aged 20 to 55 and who are citizens of Nigeria. They offer flexible interest rates ranging from 14.4% to 21.5% with a loan term of 91 to 180 days. CareFinance is committed to providing a top-notch borrowing experience with a dedicated and professional customer care team.

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