Barwaqt is an online lending application in Pakistan. It utilizes big data technology to assess credit scores and ensure the privacy of users' personal information. It offers intelligent credit loans with low-interest rates and no collateral requirements. Simple, convenient, and reduces repayment pressure.
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Barwaqt is a reliable online lending application in Pakistan, offering smart and high-quality credit services. Utilizing big data risk assessment technology, Barwaqt evaluates the credit score of users to provide safe loans and protect customers’ privacy. This helps users reduce the pressure of debt repayment and access flexible loan packages. Users can learn more about the Barwaqt App through the article below.

Benefits and Limitations of Barwaqt


Easy and Quick

Barwaqt provides a simple and online loan application process. Users only need a mobile phone and internet connection to complete the application, eliminating the need to visit physical branches or submit complex paperwork.

Low Interest Rates and Reasonable Fees

With low interest rates and minimal fees, Barwaqt helps users save costs when borrowing money. Thanks to big data risk assessment technology, loans are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, optimizing interest rates and fees to be paid.

Personal Information Security

Barwaqt is committed to securing users’ personal information. Data is only used for verification and processing of personal loan applications, ensuring safety and privacy for users.

No Collateral Required

A significant advantage of Barwaqt is that it does not require collateral for obtaining a loan. This allows users to access funds quickly without worrying about losing valuable assets.

Reduced Debt Pressure

Barwaqt’s installment loan format helps users reduce monthly debt pressure. Instead of repaying the entire loan amount at once, users can divide it into manageable installments over a specific period.


Short-Term Loan Period

While borrowing money for a duration of 91-180 days might be suitable for short-term needs, it can limit flexibility for users with larger or longer-term loan plans.

Monthly Income Requirement

To qualify for a loan, users need to have a significant monthly income. This can be a barrier for individuals with unstable or low incomes.

Uncontrolled Borrowing Risk

Online lending services can easily entice careless users into uncontrolled debt situations. Before borrowing money, users should ensure they can repay on time and manage their finances responsibly.

Not Suitable for Complex Financial Issues

Barwaqt is a suitable online loan service for short-term financial issues. However, for complex or long-term financial needs, it may not meet users’ requirements.

Product Introduction – Loan

Loan Package Information

  • Loan Term: 91-180 days
  • Loan Amount: Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 100,000
  • Maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 24% per year
  • Minimum Daily Fee: 0.067%
  • Repayment Period: 91-180 days

Example of a Loan

You borrow PKR 6,000 for a period of 3 months at an annual interest rate of 24%, with no transaction fee, as follows:

  • Monthly Interest Rate: 24%/12 = 2%
  • Total Interest Amount: PKR 6,000 * 2% * 3 = PKR 360
  • Total Repayment Amount: 6,000 PKR + 360 PKR = 6,360 PKR
  • Monthly Payment Amount: PKR 6,360/3 = PKR 2,120

Note: Detailed information about the loan product may change in the future. Therefore, users need to access the application to regularly update the information.

Loan Application Process at Barwaqt

Loan Eligibility Criteria

  • Age between 18 to 60 years old.
  • Citizen of Pakistan.
  • Stable monthly income.
  • Provide valid identification documents.
  • Have a bank account.

Step-by-Step Guide to Apply for a Loan

Step 1: Download the Barwaqt App

Firstly, customers need to download the Barwaqt App APK/IOS on their smartphones from Alternatively, they can also apply for a loan online without downloading the app.

Step 2: Register an Account

After downloading and installing the Barwaqt app, customers need to register an account by entering their personal information and verifying their phone number. Customers must ensure that the provided personal information is complete and accurate to facilitate a smooth loan approval process.

Step 3: Choose Loan Amount and Provide Information

Once the account registration is completed, customers can access the app and choose the loan amount that suits their needs. They must then provide all relevant information regarding the loan, including the loan amount, repayment term, and bank account details for receiving the funds.

Step 4: Wait for Approval and Disbursement

After providing the necessary information, Barwaqt will promptly process the loan application. If the loan application is approved, the funds will be disbursed and transferred directly to the customer’s bank account.

Important Notes for Loan Application

  • To ensure a smooth loan application process, customers should provide accurate and complete personal and bank account information.
  • During the approval process, Barwaqt may request additional supporting documents to verify authenticity and ensure the safety of the loan transaction.
  • Customers should pay attention to the repayment deadline and ensure full and timely payment to avoid late fees and protect their financial capabilities and creditworthiness.
  • In case of providing inaccurate information, Barwaqt will immediately cancel the online loan application.

Contact Information for Barwaqt:

Below is the direct contact information for Barwaqt, including:

  • Company Name: SeedCred Financial Services Limited
  • Unique Company Identification Number: 0177236
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Hotline Number: 042-111686868
  • Address: LDA Community Centre, Near Passport Office Barkat Market, Lahore, Pakistan.

During your use of the Barwaqt App for online lending, if you have any questions, need support, or want to file a complaint, please reach out through the contact channels provided above. The customer service team will assist you safely and promptly.


Barwaqt is an excellent online lending application in Pakistan, offering smart and high-quality credit services. With low interest rates and a simple process, Barwaqt enables users to access funds quickly and conveniently. The installment loan format helps reduce the pressure of debt repayment, while the commitment to securing personal information ensures safety and privacy for customers.

The information provided above is about Barwaqt, and in the future, if there are any changes, we will update everyone as soon as possible. If you find Barwaqt suitable for you, you can apply for a loan or explore other lending options on the website. We hope this article has been helpful to everyone, and we wish you success and good luck.

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